Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

Apparently I'm just not very good at keeping resolutions.  I did have a Valentine party and those bleach spots? Whitening toothpaste!  So it wasn't a total bust but really close!  So my only resolution for next year is……….


not to stress out about last years failed resolutions!  You know one thing I'm really consistent about?  Pink Saturday!!! Yea – I think I only missed one last year.  It's because I really love seeing all my pink buds every week.  My new little Pink Poodle pin (thank you LaVerne I think he's the cutest guy ever) and I want to wish a….DSCN6018

I hope next year is prosperous and filled with joy for all of you.  xoxo Nancy

I'll be celebrating with friends this weekend and will be by to see you all on Sunday.  Thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting us!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas – Day 25

So the Countdown to Christmas Swap ended with #25…it was a lot of fun and weren't you more aware of each day? This was made by Jan at Art Friendzy and couldn't have been more perfect with her Santa ticket #25 embellishing the box.  She made little charms from puzzle pieces and I'm thinking it would be perfect on a Valentine box or card. Sending a thank you hug to you, Jan!  Thinking of things to put in these tiny boxes was quite a challenge and kudos to Linda for coming up with this fun event.  Aren't you anxious to see what she comes up with next on A Swap For All Seasons?!  DSCN5863

If you want to participate in a neat Valentine one on one swap Elizabeth at Bluebird Papercrafts came up with there's some info on my sidebar.  I have two spaces left on the Dolly Dingle Valentine swap.  It's one on one.  So far I have:  

1. LaVerne 2. Linda 3. Laura 4. Linda R. 5. Dana         Closed

I think one more person signed up that I missed.  Jog my memory and I will still add you.  Also, if you missed my exchange check Elizabeth's sidebar – there are a few open there :)

You will make one Valentine for me and I will make one for you!Dolly Dingle ButtonIf you want to sign up the leave me a message or email that you want to participate will fill the last spot.  Just click on the link for details. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Pink Saturday

 Stopping in to wish all of my Pink Saturday group a wonderful Christmas Eve.  My bluebirds that I collected this year look so sweet nestled under a pink tree.  I never finished the pink tree but enjoyed every minute it they were in my bedroom!
 My sons, nephews and their families will be here soon for our Christmas Eve that we have always celebrated together.  I'm feeling especially blessed that my son, Brandon, will be here relatively unharmed.  He was in a wreck this afternoon.  A lady ran a red light and good for Brandon - he was so sweet calming her down and no one was seriously hurt.  What a blessing. 

Peace be with you.
Merry Christmas To All!
Thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for bringing us all together.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Countdown To Christmas Day 23 & 24!!!

Christmas is tomorrow – counting matchboxes has certainly made me aware of each day of December!  Lots of work went into this little fabric house.  The architect was Marcia at The Vintage French Hen.  Not only does she have the cutest blog name…she made the neatest stamped fabric ribbon.  It's going straight on my little artsy Christmas tree with all my swap goodies from 2010!  Thanks a million, Marcia!

day 24

I have seven minutes left on the 23rd of December so I really have to hurry or I'll be late posting Day 23!!!.  This adorable box of cupcake love is from our swap hostess herself – Linda at A Swap For All Seasons.  It's wonderful, Linda – such a cute design – it's soooo me!  You host the best swaps and this has been sooo much fun!  Thank you so very, very much!  See you on Christmas!


A Christmas Spa Day!

Iris and Lillie both had a bath today.  Such good Shelties – they like the hair dryer now.  Iris learned on a cold day that a warm dryer feels really good and didn't even need to be held!  Lillie already knew this and she also knew that….DSCN5831  

a warm bed by the fire is the place to be! 


Iris on the other hand found a familiar spot under the Christmas tree but soon decided that……


a warm bed next to the fire and your bff is the better choice!


I wonder what they were dreaming????DSCN5857

We hope that all of your Christmas dreams come true, too!

We're joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday…all three of us!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yikes! Day 21 & 22

The Matchbox swap is nearing the end!  Only 3 days left and  it has been such a sweet part of the Christmas season this year. 

Day 22 was made by Ruth @ Through My Garden Gate .   It's an icy blue with the cutest snowflake and good heavens – look what was inside. I know – how do you find a bracelet this adorable and flexible to fit inside. 


It was jewelry time for sure – Michele from Scrappy Cat made this cute as a button matchbox with a button ring as the gift.  Lucky me – what a fun pair!


Thank you ladies – I continued to be amazed at the care and creativity that went into each tiny package. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mosaic Monday

At our church we have a cozy little chapel with a large screen showing the service and ceremonies at the altar in the main church.  Years ago when the church was built I don't think they had many wheelchairs or older people who had a problem climbing the steep stairs to the church plus they were old Germans so no would dream of complaining of a hardship! In the  '40s or '50s I think they installed a tiny elevator should anyone need it.   A lot of older folks still like the chapel with the comfortable chairs and easy access to the porte coche.  As you can see there's some pre baptism pictures being taken.  Anyway, we always decorate the church but no one seems to do anything in the chapel.  This year after we put up the trees in church I asked if I could put a tree in there.


It's just a little tinsel tree, no lights and sitting in one of the old fern stands.  I used all old shiny bright ornaments from a church members estate and a bit of vintage garland.  The ornaments are all the colors of the gorgeous stained glass windows lining the room.


Simple but shiny, up high where all can see.


I hope it brought a smile to some of the folks in there.


It made me happy!

I'm joining Mary at the Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.  A really nice break from the hustle and bustle!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Countdown to Christmas – Day 18, 19, & 20

Isn't this amazing?  Becky F made this cute matchbox and then knit, yes I said knit, these tiny little mittens. Oh they are so cute and tiny…did I say that?  How do you do that?


I just love all this pink.  Just look at this snowman.  Do you know where he came from?  The U.K.!!! He's British, My Deah!  His creator…Hope lives and crafts in England and she made this dahling little bottle cap but she's a native Texan!  How fun is this?


TaDa.  Day 18 I've been waiting forever to open!  Heidi? Where did you find this teeny little tree???  It is absolutely, hands down the cutest, cleverest design. Period!  A little house – I love, love, love this. Tucked inside is this original vintage picture and clever Heidi continued being her clever self and put a felt Santa hat on the lucky picture lady.  Sighing.  It's just so perfect!


Thank you Becky, Hope and Heidi – you are all so talented and I love my matchboxes.

Countdown To Christmas Day 17

A visit by the Christmas tree faerie for day 17.  This adorable, Christmas light handled little creation was made by Wendy at Bliss Angles.  Isn't it the cutest pixie you ever saw?DSCN5711

   Wendy made a really creative ornament with bead and wire and to finish it off a jingle bell!


Love it, Wendy and thank you bunches!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Christmas Songs

I don't think I could pick a favorite Christmas song.  who doesn't love all the traditional songs we've grown up with – all the different versions by various artists.


That being said – I love to find new songs and artists and versions  that I've never heard before.  Some of these are by a group…Over The Rhine who does variations of old songs and have written new ones.  They are in my sidebar along with another artist – Mindy Smith who sings "Santa Will Find You"  - a song about family and carrying them in your heart wherever you may be.  That's the first song on my playlist.DSCN5778

One song stands out for me, though…it never fails to bring tears to my eyes when I hear the flowing melody of "The Gift" sung by Garth Brooks.  This is the only place I could find his version – someone made a slideshow on you tube.  If you've never heard it – mute the music on my sidebar and listen – It's absolutely beautiful.

Thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for giving us this prompt for Pink Saturday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16 Matchbox

Another day another matchbox….this just gets better and better!  this darling matchbox was made by Kathy in Tennessee! 


It had a little note saying put the magnet on the back and I was going to put it on the fridge.

DSCN5721 However – right after I opened today's matchbox – I got this cute metal ornament from my sister in law, Judy. Well – it practically jumped on the teapot!  Isn't it cute on there?


Thank you to Kathy who is probably snowbound in Tennessee and also to my snowbound sister-in-law…Buckeye Jude!  And here I sit in 78 degrees.  Where's the Christmas weather???? Not at my house!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Matchbox Swap Day 15, 14, 13, and 12

Okay, I cheated…I'm posting the 15th and 14th on the 13th and I'm a day behind on the 12th. Whew – you got that?  I decided I'd rather be early  than late so here we go with….

Matchbox #15 was made by Michelle at Wood and Fabric.  This is the most clever design! As you can see it looks like a little book and it is adorable.  Michelle made the neatest charm which I plan to wear on a necklace with some Paper Cowgirl charms. Ab-so-lute-ly love this!!!

Day 15

HO HO HO This is made by Kelly who loves laundry. haha At least her blog is named Love of Laundry!  The box is cute as can be and the little gift heart is so neat.  You know…I think it would be cute on a necklace even though it's probably a tiny little ornament.  Either way it's darling.

Day 14

Lucky #13 is a little box of wishes and hope!  The front is adorned with a fabulous metal Christmas tree and a tiny little Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon charm.  The little giftie is a little metal disk for wishing!  It feels so calming just running your fingers across it so…I'm using it as a little zen wishing piece!  And beneath the Star she's written HOPE.  I think this is such a touching piece and it reminds me to keep those battling breast cancer in my prayers.  Elena at Charity Wings made this and it's wonderful!

Day 13

And lastly which is actually firstly – haha – Day 12 is sooo cute.  Honestly, I love the back as much as the front!  This was made by Erica at Zunky Chic.  She packed it with a sweet tiny candy cane.  I think it's going in my village and will become a giant candy cane decoration on Main St!

Day 12   Thank you so much to all of you talented ladies.  I love each and every one!

I'm also linking to Mary at  The Little Red House for Mosaic Monday.  I thought these would be perfect to share on Mosaic Monday even though I'm late for that, too!  Oh well…….

Friday, December 10, 2010

Favorite Christmas Movies

Favorite Christmas movies?   Hmmm...
The ususal of course...
It's A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol - the one with George C Scott, and to watch with the kids and later grandkids - A Christmas Story.  (Actually I like any movie that is narrated by a man with a southern drawl remembering his "wonder years" growing up.)  Also – you just have to love Home Alone.

However - one of my favorite Christmas movies hardly ever airs anymore.DSCN4713  It was a made for tv movie and starred Patricia Neal as the mother DSCN4808 of a slew of Waltons - The Homecoming from 1971.  DSCN4919 Dad was trying to get home for Christmas during a snowstorm during the Depression and John Boy (Richard Thomas) is dispatched to find him. DSCN5039 I wasn't a huge fan of The Waltons tv show but I loved that movie. DSCN5478 It's a lot grittier than the series. I haven't seen it for years and I think I'm going to hunt it up and watch it.Now how did all of those pictures get in here??? Thisimageis the one I meant to put here!

Good night, Beverly….Good night Lillie….Good night Johnboy! Good night Pink Saturday!

Matchbox Swap Day 10 and 11

#11  This little pastel matchbox was made by Nicole @ Gibbysgirl.  She made a tiny little altered angel for a special gift inside.  Thanks so much, Nicole.  I love it and you did a great job.
Matchbox #10 was made by Bonnie at Bonnie Lass.  She sewed  the cutest little ornaments out of felt.  Yikes – 25 of them.  It's adorable and a huge thank you to Bonnie!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Countdown To Christmas Day 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3!


Day9!!!! This is made by Francie at The Scented Cottage Studio.  There are little snowflake charms all over everything!  The darling little wreath had some on it also – cute enough – then I discovered they're earrings! Thank you, Francie.  I love them and already wore them to lunch today.  Plus they are sooo comfortable!

I've decided to keep adding a matchbox each day to the same post.  If it isn't at the top then clicking on the  strip below my header will take you right to it.  Click on any within the post and it will take you to the Swap For All Seasons Blog!

I just can't say how amazed I am at the work that went into this little matchbox diorama.  It had to be such tedious cutting and then making it dimensional even more tedious.  Love love love this, Nancy P – the other swap Nancy .  Thank you so much for this – the box is so pretty and the little forest scene so perfect. All I can say is WOW!  Her blog is "Sewing" – go take a look at all the other little scenes.
The first week of our countdown to Christmas has gone so fast.  Today's matchbox was made by the amazing Peace.  Don't you love her name?  I do believe her work reflects her name! I love the button charm that was inside.  This is Day 7…not 8!  Oops!
You are in for a treat when you visit her blog The Heart of Peace.  Thank you so very, very much, Peace, I love today's matchbox and charm!
Vintage sheet music + a Victorian Christmas Girl = 1 really cute matchbox.  This was made by Linda over at Lambsworld!  Inside was an adorable pin that she made.  This is just tooo cute!
Thanks so much, Pam!
For December I will be  updating this post each day and you can find it as either the first or second post!) div2
Wow – only 20 more after today.  The cute  matchbox in gingerbread colors and teeny tiny little ornaments  are from Pam @ Faster Kitty Kill.day5
Thank you, Pam….they are so adorable!
Where is the time going – here we are on Day 4 for our countdown.  These little snowbabies tried to make off with the sweet little matchbox made by Sandi of Musings of Sam I Am.  Not only that I almost lost the adorable earrings she made.  See for yourself.
Thank you Sandi – you've really made my day!

I'm really loving my day 3 matchbox made by Freda @ Sew What's New.  It's sparkly and glittery which is right up my alley and tucked inside was this teeny little snowman.
day 3
Thank you so much Freda – it's perfect. image