Friday, May 23, 2014

6 Years of Pink Saturday


Beverly has faithfully hosted Pink Saturday for six years now. Her blog is How Sweet The Sound and on that site I have met some of my best blog, Facebook and art buddies.  Thank you Beverly for bringing me into your World of Pink! Were it not for Pink Saturday I probably would have stopped blogging completely by now.  I’ve written just under 600 posts over six years now. When we had the antique store I always had things to write about and some really interesting pictures. So rather than just stop completely I’m just posting a lot less frequently these days. Unfortunately for you guys…I will never run out of my old pictures that I can show on here! So on that note….

I’m pulling out one of my most favorite pink pictures today. This is over 18 years ago at a nursery in Austin. What’s not to love about a herd of Pink Flamingos with my little grandson in the middle of them.


Baby Brandon2

He was absolutely adorable! I’ve been putting my 50+ years of pictures in order and I can’t believe that I’m almost done. I finished my Christmas book which was a huge accomplishment! In another unfinished art album from an online class I took and completed one page….I converted into a timeline of wallet and school pictures of my two sons and grandsons. And then since I was on a roll I made an album out of an old accounting ledger and filled it with those 3 x 5 and 5 x 7 portraits. The 4 x 6 prints of which I have multiple prints of the same thing went into different sets for various people. I punched a hole in the corner, put them in order by date and ran a ribbon through them or used a binder ring.

Baby Brandon1

“I've at times in my past been so unhappy, and thought, like, 'I would give anything for this not to be happening.' And, you know, as people say, time passes, and then you think, 'I'm kind of glad that happened to me.”

That is what I tried to tell my little guy in the middle of the flamingos  this week as he worries about his college angst. Some of the best things and people in my life came out of circumstances I absolutely didn’t want to happen and now…I wouldn’t change a thing.


to all of my blog friends along with Beverly for sharing ideas, projects, your kids and grandkids, and your homes with me. And thanks for allowing me to share my life with you!

xoxo Nancy