Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Crafts

Hello stranger! Since I missed last week spring came along and even though most of you are having a snowy spring…Happy Spring anyway. 

2012-03-26 easter tags 001

I picked up this little duck planter for a dime and did a little makeover. (Thank you Elizabeth my craft hero for this cute idea)   I’ve had these soap “flowers” for ages and they make a better Easter bonnet than handwashing material!

2012-03-26 easter tags 004

Since the cutout bunny from “Free Pretty Things” was painting eggs anyway I decided to use some paintbrushes as flag poles and egg holders. So are you ready for my Easter Parade of tags?

2012-03-26 easter tags 002

Our little Art Journal group made Easter tags for a swap. Hop with me through my tag tour


2012-03-26 easter tags 005

This is Kathy’s tag.  Look at the cross she used.  Her work is always full of little details and tiny messages and really a work of art.

2012-03-26 easter tags 006

The back of her card is as pretty and detailed as the front. Oh my goodness I adore her stuff!

2012-03-26 easter tags 007

Susan’s tag is surrounded by the prettiest lace – she’s a  quilter extraordinaire and usually has some neat fabric element incorporated into her designs.  If the group ever does a quilting type project I’m in trouble!

2012-03-26 easter tags 010

LaVerne’s    gorgeous tag was hand delivered.  The handmade watercolor paper flowers are on a background of vintage sheet music.  It is absolutely stunning like everything she does. She needs to do a tutorial for us on those paper flowers.

2012-03-26 easter tags 008

Here are the backs of both of their cards,

2012-03-26 easter tags 009

That brings us to Jeanne – our Backyard Neighbor

2012-03-26 easter tags 011

Supposedly she’s new to papercrafting but she sure creates some wonderful things.  She used two original vintage postcards all trimmed out in cotton lace. 

2012-03-26 easter tags 012

Pretty fabulous, huh? Such a sweet back.

2012-03-26 easter tags 013

And….eeekkkkk. These two just arrived in the mail!!!!!

2012-03-26 easter tags 020

Beverleee – this is so Eastery cute I can hardly stand it! Look at that fuzzy chick.  It’s adorable.

2012-03-26 easter tags 022

And good gosh – fellow Texan Shelia of Notesongs and master of everything sewed the wee widdle bunny!  Fabulousness, girl!

2012-03-26 easter tags 021

I love this tag from Dana soooo much.  There are so many details and layers and her work is always perfect.  She comes up with the most creative ideas. look at her old Stone Rabbit picture. Doesn’t it look extra pretty in the dappled sunlight?Smile

010 008

Do wah do wah do wah ditty –this is from Grace in New York City.  She has access to Tinsel Trading and all their fabulousness.  Her tag is topping off my little tree and it couldn’t have been more perfect.



2012-03-26 easter tags 024

All complete now and it is filled with the handiwork of some of the sweetest gals in the world.  Thank you Circle Journal chicks!


Meantime, we’re tearing off the old plaster off the wall and plan to use a translucent teal stain on the petrified wood.  Hence the minimal decorations this year – just less to clean the dust off of.

2012-03-26 easter tags 025


This is my tag I made.  I always make a prototype first to get an idea of what I’m doing for everyone else.

2012-03-26 easter tags 014

I made all my little bunnies and lined them up all in row.  Sort of sad to separate them Sad smile.

But on they went

easter tags 001

backed with a vintage Dick and Jane alphabet flash card with everyone’s initial and an original German lithograph cross. 


easter tags 010

I really love being in this group of talented ladies.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.  May the miracle of Easter make all the difference in your life.

xoxo Nancy


I’m joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.  Thanks for hosting this, Beverly.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lucky In Love

Last weekend was so busy I didn’t get a post done for Pink Saturday so today I’ll show you lotsa pictures.  One of my darling girls is getting married next month and there was a St. Patrick’s themed couples shower for them.  They are not only cute but good sports. #hats #corsages!  (Hashtags#aresoeasytouseIthinkI’lldoitallthetime!)
Here’s a closeup of the couple doing the same jig. I made these and even if I do say so they were soooo cute.  I’ve always wanted to try making those little people with pipe cleaners and a ball head.  I love that hair I gave to my girl!

st pat corsages 004
#someonethinkshe’satarestaurant #jeff

Look at the cute setup Jamie and Kim did.  How about those little bistro tables?! It’s great to throw a party with the owners of a Cupcakery!
I love the centerpieces they came up with.

It was a beer tasting party with all sorts of beer to taste and rate in teeny weenie shot cups.  Is that a rainbow or a cake?  Again…#cupcakery! #fullofglutenSad smile!


I made the banner for the cake and again…#cute! #icingisglutenfree!Smile

The girls made individual cups of 7 layer dip. #yeait’sglutenfree

Lots of yummy dips for meatballs. They were delish! #foolingmyselftheyprobablyhadcrackersFreezing

More dips incase the first four didn’t work for you! #Angry smilehothothot
That’s Jamie and Mark – it’s their house. #suchadarlingcouple
Rating the beers! One of the beersMug tasted like lemonade. #doesbeerhavegluten #ohcrapIthinkitdoes

These were the party favors the girls made.  Rainbow dipped oreos in a pot of gold Reece cups.  Shoot me I couldn’t eat them.  #glutenfreesucks!

Recognize this? I made it a couple of years ago and gave it a little face lift. That’s my ghostly image in the glass.
I think everyone liked the food!Birthday cake

And then we played pass the babies!Red heart
That’s my almost forever friend Mike, Barbara’s husband and above him my godson Nick. He’s feeding Dylan – his granddaughter. If I were getting married he’d be my “man of honor”.  I’m completely down with the trend of having a “bridesman” and a “groomsmaid”!

And these are my girls…Taryn and Jackie and Taryn’s baby Dylan.



And after opening the Gift with a bows it was time send the little leprechauns on their way and clean up.

Aren’t they lucky to have found each other? #Isthispicturecuteorwhat?

And aren’t we lucky to have such a great Pink Saturday group? # thankyouBeverlyatHowSweetTheSound
May your glass be ever full.
May the roof over your head be always strong.
And may you be in heaven
half an hour before the devilDevil knows you're dead.

xoxo Nancy #HappyStPatty’sDay!Rainbow