Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vintage Supply Swap

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons….for me!!!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a swap and late one evening I saw Elizabeth at Creative Breathing was having a Vintage Supply swap and I was lucky enough to nab one of two slots left. Then the luck continued when Linda at Lutka & Co.   was assigned to be my partner.  Elizabeth said we’d be perfect together because:

She’s young…I’m, uh, not

She’s a jewelry maker and I don’t even know how to attach a jump ring.

She lives in an orchard and I’m jealous!

Sometimes I wonder about that Elizabeth  but I found we had a lot in common after all.  It’s so interesting making a new friend and getting to know that person through email, facebook, pinterest etc.  We both love vintage, we both sent a cigar box instead of the shoebox, and we both had some Senior Prom Drama going on and of course we both love pink!   I thought this was so clever the way she decorated one of the boxes.

  vintage swap 010

Clever Linda saw that our wedding anniversary is next week and made this wonderful box for us.  Love the poem on the inside lid and I loved all the trims and memorabilia tucked inside.

Linda's swap 002

Anyway I’ll shut up and just show you a slide show of all the fabulous stuff I received!


There were tons of vintage cards and I have very few original ones and also the adorable bluebird card she made. Beautiful origami papers, lace doily placemats, flowers, some quality felt in my very favorite color – turquoise and a 2 sided card with our wedding picture on one side and names on the other. This bookmark uses one of her beads that she makes – it’s so beautiful.

vintage swap 020

vintage swap 030

I adore this Bluebird button keep…she looks fabulous with anything I put her next to!  This card is so pretty using my very favorite flower – the hydrangea.

vintage swap 016vintage swap 018

She also included some oil pastels.  I’ve never used pastels before and was recently thinking how versatile pastels could be in some of the work I do.  Thanks so much to Linda for all the thought that went into this package of wonderfulness.  She has a store on Etsy so go take a look. 

Also, just in case you have missed it, Beverly of How Sweet The Sound, who hosts Pink Saturday has also started a Tuesday event – Blogshop. It’s a weekly place to go to link up and offer some things you want to sell or go shopping for some great deals!


Today I’m linking up with

Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound and also

Elizabeth at Creative Breathing who is hosting a link up for the Vintage Supply Swap.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. xo Nancy

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bluebirds Of Happiness

Whew –what a week .  I don’t feel like talking this week.  Besides not feeling well hasn’t it just been a week from hell?  Anyway – my little bluebird family is just  so cheerful all the time I’m sharing them with you this week and I hope they bring some cheer to you, too!





This couple is a bit glassy eyed but they’re still happy. Maybe that giant Scotty dog surprised them.


We’re not exclusionists in our bluebird family. No we love Snappy Snails and singing flowers, too.


Of all the bluebirds – I think these two have the sweetest faces.


I think this little girl is being assured by the Wizard…things are going to be okay.


Have a nice weekend and stop by to see Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.

Friday, April 12, 2013

It Takes A Village

Oh my gosh – what a wonderful decision to have a dessert buffet in lieu of a huge wedding cake.  The Cupcakery aka Jamie and Kim prepared this amazing table of food for their cousin’s wedding. (Along with a lot more backup!)  It was all so beautiful and tasty I’m sure but I only had eyes for those ganache filled French Macarons.  Truly the best dessert in the world!

jackies wedding 002

This banana pudding actually came in a close second and hello????  Extra points for cuteness.

jackies wedding 008


These bars must have been the richest thing in the world because my husband could not finish his!!! And that fruit tart. Speechless. This is how Jamie and Kim spent the day before the upcoming wedding.


jackies wedding 010


Meanwhile back at the Ranch….

Rio Star

LaVerne and I arranged flowers while Jeff explains why the toilet is running!  Yep, we did over 50 arrangements!


wedding florist 001

and when those were done…

wedding florist 003

we conditioned the giant “Hulk Hydrangeas”.  They are about 10” in diameter.

wedding florist 006


Judy and Jeff filled gift bags for the wedding guests.  Had we known each one was getting a pint of vodka the flowers might have been more creative!

wedding florist 005

Everyone had a job – the guys set up chairs and tables for the next day.  Patty made lunch for the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  And Barbara? She got a pedicure. hahahaha Truly I’m kidding – I thought she and Mike were going to have to be hospitalized they worked so much!

wedding florist 009

Just a couple of pictures from the wedding.

jackies wedding 072

Here’s two pairs that just steal your heart.  Each grandson is named Grant.  The adorable girl on the right is the bride’s niece and on the left is the groom’s daughter whose name is….Iris.

flower girls and ringbearers

And look at the brides bouquet.  Irises and purple…the wedding theme.  She wrote vows for her new daughter, Iris, and it was so sweet.

jackies wedding 050

They are a darling couple and we all wish them many years of wedded bliss!

Lastly – here’s some Yaya’s getting their groove on to the Cupid’s Shuffle.

Cupid Shuffle

That’s it from Weddingville.  Now go see Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.  xoxo Nancy the Florist