Thursday, January 23, 2014

Weather Report

Oh my gosh – our weather is crazy. This is last week when it was a perfect 72 degrees.

We took at walk around Lake Pflugerville.

Jeff, Lilly and Iris (9)

It’s only a couple of years old and our water is considerably better since they built it.

Jeff, Lilly and Iris

I think Lilly would be happy just ruling the neighborhood but Iris, on the other hand, loves to go no matter where it is.

Jeff, Lilly and Iris (6)

Aren’t they sweet? I said “give your sister a kiss” and Iris did!

Jeff, Lilly and Iris (7)

They have been snuggled in by the fire today. The wind is howling out of the north and it’s 27 degrees tonight.


I noticed today that if you’re stuck in an airport Austin is the best airport to be stuck in! We have live music and…..


the best barbeque!


You know we go completely nuts when it gets cold in Texas and add in a little precipitation and we have no idea what to do!!!


I have to go drip my faucets and close the dog door for the night and hopefully get a cup of hot chocolate.

I’m joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound  for Pink Saturday on this chilly day. Stay warm.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Captains Log one three twenty fourteen. That’s the name LaVerne suggested for my daily record book I’m going to keep this year. I’m not a journaler or a diarist but I’m going to write in a ledger book what I did every day. It will be pretty much like blogging. I’ve been blogging on a fairly regular basis for quite a few years now and lately have not kept up with this blog. So that’s going to be my goal. Blog at least once a month but keep this “book of days”. I started it Jan 1st and have not missed a day so far…wink wink! I spent New Yrs Eve and New Yrs Day watching a marathon of The Walking Dead! I’m pretty sure I’m the only 66 yr old who watches this. I saw this online and it would be perfect for my shed. I probably have a better chance of a Zombie apocalypse than yard work.


Actually, that’s something I do hope do this year – more yard work. My quadriceps tendon is still weak and all it connects to, but my knee itself is doing good. I figure if I survived those surgeries and all summer in a brace I should be able to handle a few zombies…or yard work!

I want to get Iris spayed soon. I’ve only put it off for three years just because she’s so skittish about outsiders (her term not mine Smile). That means she’ll need some help with the back steps at first…maybe Jeff will build a ramp for her.


Basketball for my grandson Q starts up next week and I love watching him play. He’s such fun to watch as he is so fast and is a natural athlete in whichever sport he plays.


Then comes baseball. I really need to develop a love of the game because that’s where his heart is. He just has a “mind” that is perfect for baseball. As a freshman he’s had two letters from colleges asking to follow his “career!” I hope that turns into a scholarship for him.


He’s so darn cute!

My other grandson and son vacated the upstairs and are now my neighbors! They found the perfect house for them and the two granddogs only a couple of blocks away. I love that they are close by.


The house is so cute and perfect for my son since the grandson is away at college most of the time. Here’s Brandon 1 glazing the ham. I love the old glass front cabinets.


We had Christmas dinner at their house! He bought these old Pfaltzgraf Country Casual dishes on ebay. We had my mother-in-law’s dishes that she gave us and we used when they were growing up and he always loved them.  Good job setting the table two days after he moved!


Brats – they got stupid looks on their faces every time I tried to snap a pic. Love them to pieces!


Anyway. I looked back over my “log book” and now I know that I took all the decorations off of that tree….yesterday!!!

Happy New Year to all of my hoards of readers.  And please join Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.