Friday, February 27, 2009

Save The Pink Bathroom

I'm sending out an urgent SOS to all my pink sisters today but first I'll have to backtrack. I was at an estate sale last Saturday when I spotted a completely fabulous Pink ceramic piece straight out of the 50's of three little pink fish. For my store, of course so I began looking for information on it, and came across a website after our own heart. Here's an exerpt of 50's Pam's information of why pink was so popular for bathrooms in the 50's. “Mamie Pink.” The iconic decorating color of the 50s, arguably. Ubiquitous in fashion as well as 50s bathrooms and kitchens, of course!
The mid-century trend to pink seems to have come directly and irrefutably from Mamie Eisenhower, first lady from 1953 to 1961. Pink was Mamie’s favorite color. She wore a pink gown with 2,000 pink rhinestones to Ike’s inauguration. Ike sent her pink flowers every morning. Her bathroom in Gettysburg was pink down to the cotton balls. She re-decorated the private quarters in the White House in pink. So much so that reporters called it the “Pink Palace.” The color also seems to have been known as “First Lady Pink.” As a result of all this pink-think, there was probably no question that American women (and marketers) would pick up on it. It also was a color trend right in line with the exuberance of the time — and even supportive of the return of women to the home after WWII and their complete remaking of the American domestic landscape."
(Don't you know that Mamie would be all over PINK Saturday???)
But people are DESTROYING these treasures and oh my goodness those "makeover your entire house and your neighbors in one hour for under $50 on HGTV" - well they're just the worst offenders. So 50's Pam is asking for your help to take the pledge to:
Save the Pink Bathrooms Our goal: A gazillion people pledged to preserve vintage pink bathrooms. Maybe you have a pink bathroom. Or you just love them. Do your part and pledge to never destroy a pink bathroom. I promise...and just in case I ever get a 50's pink bathroom...I'm keepin' those fishies! And yes, there they are in my store...just so my husband believes I'm trying to sell long as he doesn't look at the ridiculous price - they're mine!

Want to know WHY we love pink so much??? There's a scientific explanation over at 50's Pam's Save the Pink Bathroom.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is hosted by Dixie over in French Lique Texas. Thank you, Dixie for giving us a "talk break". Visit Dixie and see all the wordless blogs. xoxo Nancy

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Touch of Pink

This is going to be a rather "blue" Pink Saturday. Or maybe more turquoise or aqua than blue but whatever the color there's always a touch of pink somewhere. I'm taking a few pictures as I box up some things going to The Valley Girls' Junque Sale. This is a teeny tiny portion of things going in the sale but I promised a sneak peek every few days so, like my closet, I'm color coordinating everything. (You know that's a big lie???the closet deal???LOL) Ahhh, but we really are grouping things into colors or at least that's what my JunQue sisters want to do. Now if they would only send some more pictures. Anyway - back to pink - there's a touch of pink on the little bridge napkins and I have a tablecloth to match.

Glass domes, wall pockets, hammered aluminum,

and a great old card basket with lots of pink.

I have a lot of new things going into The Roost so I'll be bringing some larger items from there.

How Sweet The Sound hosts this weekly Pink Saturday blog event with a ton of interesting sites to visit. Now....tell me something you like from one of the JunQue Sale posts on any participating VGJS blog (LaVerne or the RioBabes) and after the sale we'll draw a name from all the comments and send you a fabulous piece of JunQue. Okey dokey??? Have a wonderful day! xoxo Nancy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hard Core Thrifting

Want to see how my best pal Barbara and I started out the New Year??? We went thrifting. To a place where all the Goodwill Stores send their junk/stuff/treasures that didn't sell in a Goodwill store....
Yep - the Goodwill Outlet Store. Everything is dumped into giant waist high bins. The pickers have to stand behind a line until they roll out an entire row of these bins about 75 feet long. When they open the aisle it's a mad rush - sort of vulture-ish! The real hardcore pickers wear gloves since an encounter with broken glass is a real possibility.
I don't get into the rush...I just mosey down the picked over aisles....
and if you're lucky you can score a pink Christmas tree or some forsythia stems or a new bestseller. Has anyone else ever seen a Goodwill outlet store? I found this one just by chance...I don't think it's advertised or many people know about it. So now the secrets out - but I just had to share this with all my blog buddies! xoxo Nancy
P.S. Take your gloves!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Warning for Pink Saturday

My creepy little Valentine Jib Jab video isn't available anymore.
I, too, used to eat chocolate candies but this week I have sworn off of "eating anything with a face". Just watch this little video and you too may think twice about reaching for that chocolate!;;;;;;;;;;;Laughing!!!(and you know this wasn't true - I have a big knot on my head from falling off the WW wagon) so now I'll replace that with a fabulous box of goodies I received from my Vintage Ephemera swap partner, Cynthia. Thank you Cynthia for all of the wonderful things you sent. The altered boxes were sooo beautiful and I love every little piece of fun that you packed in there!

Anyway - you definitely want to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. She is the
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xoxoxo Nancy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Digs at The Roost

I am so excited about this...we have moved our antique store over one aisle at The Antique Gallery of Round Rock. It's a much bigger space and open on both sides....lots of frontage and lots of room to put in some new area rugs. The way it's set up is sort of a His and Hers deal. LOL One side is more black and white and
the other side is softer colors - and girly stuff.

We're adding a lot of new things so if you live in the Austin area stop by the antique mall next to Conn's and shop! We're on aisle A - you can spend the entire day in this mall - it's truly the nicest one I've ever seen! To see more pictures....just follow this link!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Valley Girls Junque Sale

Yesterday I met the girls at my friend Patty's house to make plans for our upcoming Junque Sale. Fortunately for me her house was awash in valentines and PINK! I even got a shot of Cupid himself flying past the window!
Patty had a really lovely lunch for us
and a scrumptious dessert. Wow - she's fast because we didn't plan this little soiree until the night before. It was a BUSINESS lunch,
and in no time we had papers and plans all over the place.
And four hours later we had our first flyer done...ready to mail or email!
And guess what pink friends - you are all invited. Especially all you guys who are using a pick axe to break up the twelve inches of ice in your driveway. We had the most incredibly beautiful day today 75 degrees and I wish we could send it your way. So see, here's a reason to hop in your Uhaul truck and come visit. LOL .Happy Pink Saturday. Beverly at How Sweet The Sound hosts this weekly event. Stop by and see her and her ever growing list of blogs participating in Pink Saturday. xoxo Nancy
Now if you'll go on down to my next post you can see our flyer and a sneak peak of some pretty pink Junque with a Q!

Pink Junque for Pink Saturday.

This will be in the Junque Sale along with .... these fabulous pink cannisters. These aren't mine - they belong to Barbara and yes she's nuts for selling them and I'd most definitely buy them but I have a set already.
Fabulous aren't they??? You should be able to click on any picture to enlarge it IF Blogger is working okay now.

The little hobnail lamp is up for grabs. See the PINK on it? And the quilt, also.
We plan on having an entire tent of PINK! (And white...and black....and red...but that's another day and another post) So check back for more updates!
Do you have a shopping problem??? Just head over to Barbara and Judy's Rio Star Ranch for some advice!LOL

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rooster Chairs

I have something to crow about....I just bought these fabulous chairs on Craigs. I love you, Craig. I know, I wasn't going to buy any more roosters but these chairs were irresistable!
The table is really beautiful but it will go in The Roost to sell. It was all about the chairs for me!

I bought this Nancy Noel print about 25 years ago and my husband made this frame out of some great hole-y or holy or both old wood.

I'll have to get a better picture of this my butler rooster later. I saw his twin in a coffee kiosk in San Antonio and ordered him from New Jersey. This was before these things were in Tues AM and Marshalls so I paid way too much for him. He's part of the family now even though I've never had a good place for him in this house.
Maybe I should use him for display at the store. He would look great with these awnings that are going there. Thank you again, Craig.

Do you guys shop on Craigs List? Austin is CL heaven but I've looked at other places that just aren't that good. If you never have looked before - WARNING!!! it can be addicting and then you have to get an antique space! Have a great week. xoxo Nancy