Friday, April 11, 2014

The Snowbabies Are Back!

Finally. These guys made it out of their boxes and down the stairs. Aren’t they the cutest things?


I love their sweet little faces and the way they spend their time…smelling flowers, inspecting caterpillars, transporting carrots and playing with bluebirds.



I still have a thing for ‘50s Made In Japan pieces. They all have the sweetest faces.


Sharing a little Eastery cheer for Pink Saturday. Is spring at your house yet? We’re full on spring here in Central Texas and it is sooo beautiful. The bluebonnets and wildflowers were spectacular this year.


This field was on the way to see some Painted Churches of Texas. If you ever have a chance to visit any it’s well worth it.


Have a great weekend. Lilly, Iris and Nancy

Friday, April 4, 2014

Yellow Tulips For Pink Saturday

These are almost a week old. LaVerne  brought them last weekend and they are just starting to open and droop. They’re perfect in front of the forsythia Jeff painted back in the ‘70s. I actually had a post for Pink Saturday but with the new design the Linksky says I have no pictures. Maybe posting from Windows Live Writer will work.


It didn’t – I just uploaded a picture to the link from my computer. (The bunnies made it downstairs and onto the swirly tree this year)


This is another of the Easter ornaments/baskets we made last month with LaVerne. They are so pretty and much easier to make with craft tools from the 21st century as opposed to the instructions from 1950! They’re still a lot of work but much fun to make with the Ya-Yas.


Looks like we made them after Valentine’s Day and they only shared the swirly tree for picture taking purposes!




Wouldn’t they be darling for just about any holiday? Coppery tones for fall with little pumpkins. Egg Carton ornaments…design by LaVerne and the Ya-Yas!

I have another post below this one that just went to waste Smile.  Go visit Beverly for oodles of Eastery inspiration. xo Nancy