Tuesday, July 16, 2019

My HeART Friends

I wrote this years ago but never published this post. MaryAnn died about five years ago but is remembered by so many of us through the art groups that she started.

For years now I’ve been in the Itty Bitty Book Club. Our founder – Mary Ann was diagnosed with cancer a few month ago and it happened so fast – she’s gone. I met her on Flickr when she first started hosting IBBs. I’ll always regret missing the very first book but made sure I was entered on time after that. She had just finished a book and told us she was taking a break because of her illness and we all assumed she would get treatment, go through chemo and recover. After all – she was young. It didn’t happen that way, however, and the next thing we knew we were making one last book – in her memory.
Her Blog was Follow Your Bliss.
Here are some pages that others did. I love the Tree of Life page.
This is LaVerne’s page – it’s so pretty and meaningful.
This is mine – I used one of MaryAnn’s watercolors as a background surrounded by quotes I found throughout her work.
While MaryAnn was sick we were making another “Love” book to send to her. Little did we know that time would run out. My friend Rhonda from Rhondamum was coordinating this and when MaryAnn died she had such a struggle to finish this book and on top of that was pulled into service to plan a memory book for her and her family. I am so grateful to Rhonda for doing this. I hope she knows how much it helped all of us.
My pages for the Love book are made from old envelopes from the 1940’s and earlier. I love the feathery old handwriting in ink.
The stamps were perfect for a pastel, sepia themed book.
This is just a few of my IBBs.  They are a treasure to me and a tribute to my friend, MaryAnn.
I’m joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday….another precious friend I’ve met through art and blogging. Check out Pink Saturday – they are a wonderful group of friends!
xoxo Nancy