Thursday, June 30, 2011

And Justice For All

I haven't gotten much done this week but I did make this.  An old lampshade frame I covered with seam binding and then sewed together crocheted doilies to cover it.


This made me feel a bit more productive than just sitting in front of the television since I could work on it while watching television.


  And I realize that it's not pink and there's no red and blue to go with the white for a red white and blue Pink Saturday so I'm posting about our court/justice/legal system this week.

I'm fessing up right now – I've been watching the Casey Anthony trial all week.  It's sort of like a wreck you pass by – you don't want to look but you can't keep your eyes away.  Maybe you haven't heard about this trial. Perhaps you have been shipwrecked on a deserted island.  What could have been a complete circus was held mostly in check by this man – Judge Belvin Perry.  He's a great American in my book.   Here's a bio about him and it's really interesting reading. 


And he doesn't suffer fools…...


Just ask the idiot who decided to give the prosecutor the "finger" on the sly in the courtroom today.  Talk about swift justice.  He was immediately brought before the judge, sentenced to 6 days in the OC Jail and fined $420 plus $200 court costs…and I'm sure he needs a new pair of undies as he was so terrified he could barely speak. He's appealing – go figure that.  Actions have consequences.  He respects all members of the court and expects you to do the same.  It also seems "expert" witnesses can be bought.  And some shouldn't be bought - "Grief" expert Dr. Sally who the defense felt should instruct the jury on how to deal with "grief" since the jury may have never experienced "grief". 

Anyway I learned a lot about the legal system this week and am amazed to find that everything is public.  All court documents, charges, taped jail conversations, personal letters etc are made available for anyone to view online. 

And my heart just breaks for a little girl who seemed to be adored by her family yet somehow ended up dead and thrown away like garbage at the hands of her mother. 

I hope she gets justice.

Thank you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound  for hosting Pink Saturday.

Off my soapbox now.   xoxo Nancy

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Lost Pines Kennel Club

Uh oh – I can't remember if I've ever  shown you pictures of this or not!   I'm going on the assumption that you probably don't remember either so I'll proceed.  Any objections?  You may continue.  I mean I may continue… Three guesses as to what I've been doing the past few days.  Good lord – the testimony seems to be getting in the way of the sidebars.   Anyway…. Here it is time for Pink Saturday and I'm scrounging around for something Pink.


This is a box I made for my friend Judy for her birthday back in April.  I've  developed an interest – ahem - (obsession) with figurines from the 50s that were made in Japan.  So for my yaya buds April birthdays they all got figurines!


I covered an old Frost Bros box with soft blue '40s wallpaper and vintage dictionary pages.  An old prize ribbon floret was the perfect embellishment.


I was going to replace the ribbon part with a different one


but I decided to leave it because nestled inside was this sweet little figurine.


A little pup who looked so much like Judy's sweet old Bailey who died last year.


Bailey, Big Lilly, and Spanky – three old dog friends belonging to three old girlfriends.  They were all so darling together.  First Bailey died, a year later my first Lilly  died and just a few weeks ago Barbara's Spanky who I absolutely adored   - died.  She was a little Yorkie so full of vim and vigor who seemed to have nine lives.  At almost 15 years old she quietly slipped away… blind, mostly deaf and on her own terms.


Spanky used to come stay with us on a regular basis – we all just adored her and she's missed – a whole lot.  Isn't it wonderful how our pets bring so much love to our lives.DSCN7619

Stop by to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.  Thanks for letting me have a little doggie remembrance today.  xoxo Nancy

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baseball Champions!

It's no secret – I'm not a baseball fan but my grandson, Quentin,  plays and he's good…really good.  Isn't it amazing how a grandkid in the game makes it so much more interesting?  I just wish they played in an  air conditioned gym!


Earlier this month they played in  the State Championship for his age group.  Here he is at bat.  He's about the smallest guy on the team and the opposing team makes a bad mistake -  they underestimate him.


He can play all positions but mostly he's the catcher.


This was the first game of the series they won. DSCN8045

During the first game some of us…like this good looking kid, ahem…..just kick back and enjoy the game.

Me?  I  watch the game in the blazing heat – oh my gosh – it's so hot here thinking "oh my gosh it's hot it's hot it's hot".  Our 15th day over 100 degrees.  DSCN8100And then some like this guy are multi taskers.  His bike was on some lift-a-ma-jig allowing him to watch the game while spinning…and texting ….visiting with the lady in the pink chair and drinking a cup of coffee.  Holy cow that's getting it done!  DSCN8036

The Action team went on to win another game that day and the next day two more….and then they played the final game and guess what???


They are the State Champions!!!


So in July they play for the National Championship and lucky for us it's right here in Round Rock, Texas this year.  I'll keep you posted!!! 


Is there anything better than a grandkid ?  Yes!!! Two grandkids!

This is my post for Beverly's Pink Saturday  so thank goodness for that lady in the pink chair!   Last weekend we spent the whole time helping my son move so I had no time to visit you guys.  I'm really hoping to make the rounds this week.  xoxo    Nancy

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Bluebirds

bluebird divider

Heading into summer I start replacing much of the pink that was out for Easter, spring and Mother's Day with brighter colors so it's getting harder to find things for Pink Saturday.  Recently, however, I bought a huge amount of stuff from the sweetest girl who was a merchandiser for upscale stores.   She decorated store windows for baby shops and did displays for Nordstroms. Now she's pregnant and decorating her own nursery and selling her huge stash of goodies that she used. 

Copy of DSCN7944

I was ecstatic when I saw this bluebird – and she had not one but five of these guys!


So I'm keeping one and selling the others in my Etsy store.  Isn't he darling?  What is it with Seasons of Cannon Falls who made this guy? They get you hooked on stuff and then discontinue it.  Maybe they started out as drug dealers.  I bought the iron door knocker with the interchangeable toppers and fortunately I have one for each season because they quit making them!  The one I don't have is the heart.  I found it on ebay and it cost a fortune! 

Anway…I think the other bluebirds were overwhelmed by his size at first since he's the Baby Huey of bluebirds  (and I'm sure that reference is totally lost on most of you because hello I'm  Methusala!)  but then noticed

Copy (2) of DSCN7939 

like all of them he's also has some pink and if you have pink in common then you must be a nice bluebird or even blogger – and soon he was just part of the family!  These guys just make me smile.  I saw a brochure on Flickr showing the original prices at Woolworths – 25 cents. Ack!!! Of course at that time you couldn't have given them to me.  Wouldn't you love to go back in time for just a few minutes.  RightNowNancy would tell FiftiesNancy to buy them all and while you're at it pick up some Holt Howard pixieware! 


See what I mean??? Haha – give me a break.  No doubt this ebayer did go back in time or travel to the future or maybe that's not dollars but pesos!


What would your today self tell your kid self? I think I'd mention when you hear about an upstart called microsoft and even though you might think it's a pillow just buy some stock!

Sooo… time traveling back to today I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday. 

Hope your weekend is wonderful! xoxo Nancy

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June Happy Homemaker Tag

vintage vacation
I'm time traveling today! For Elizabeth's Happy Homemaker year long tag along and for my year of celebrations this month I'm celebrating Summer and not this summer but 1959 summer.  The station wagon is packed and we're heading to the lake.
I'm feeling toile today (as if I knew what that was in 1959) so that's my tag background.  Ahh – carefree 1959.  Did you have any of those tie at the shoulder outfits?  I did and I'm happy to say I did not have those bloomers…except for my shorty pajama bottoms!
Put on some baby oil to soak up some rays.  In 1959 the sun was friendlier and no one worried about skin cancer and the only wrinkles were in your dress you pulled out of your Samsonite suitcase!
It was most definitely a simpler time and my tag is fairly simple this month.
That evesdropping girl – isn't she cute – I'm sure she's listening to her big sister!  The tag seemed unbalanced to me so I added a brown ruffle.  My A-D-D kicked in and of course I couldn't make two identical tags but they're close enough.
I think the background  is, like my memories, sepia toned and the sun and ribbon are the bright spots.
I don't know what the little girl is thinking but I was drawn to that image because she seemed happy. The bottom trim – no reason…it  just looked summery to me.
Can you believe the year is half over – I'm really liking this once a month deadline – and I'm determined to finish out the year.
Have a wonderful summer – heading back to 2011 now to get those pig tails cut off!
See you in July butterfly!  xoxo Nancy
I'm also joining Cindy @ My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday and of course
The other "taggers" at the blog Elizabeth of Bluebird Papercrafts has set up for us here.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

You Go Girl

A few years ago I painted a couple of things for a friend of mine who is a diagnostician for a school district near Houston.  She has these in their room where they do evaluations of preschoolers.

Using one of my scrapbook doodling books – I pretty much just painted kids like the doodle kids.


If I have something to follow I can pretty much do it. 


And sometimes I surprise myself once a painting is finished.  I have no good pictures of the girl painting.

DCP_0950_edited (1)  

Boy oh Boy – these are really big – I think about 4 ft long which is actually easier to do than a smaller size.


I did black and white checks around the outside of the canvas.

DCP_0955_edited (1)

They work great for welcoming nervous little ones into a cheerful, non threatening room.  That's my little share for today!

I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday and

Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday

xoxo Nancy