Sunday, February 8, 2015

To My Valentine

I had an idea…post on holidays. Yes, that would be manageable but it seems that I missed Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe I’ll just write something when I change out the round shelves!  Actually I don’t even think I decorated these shelves at Christmas. I did good to get a tree up. But my valentines made by my friends and my circle journal group I absolutely treasure. They could be out all year and I’d be happy but then there’s Easter and eventually back in the case they go.
How do you like my little cutouts? As I find old pictures that were enlarged I’m putting them on tagboard and making little people. That’s my big sister and me and behind that my giant pouting son.
See the little Mary E book? My daily journal from last year? I maintained it for ohh……5 days! So I turned it into an album of the tons of wallet sized pictures of my grandsons and doodled frames. The closest I ever came to maintaining a journal would be this very blog for what six years or so and that’s not going swimmingly now.
I kept my candy boxes during the big V Day purge last year. So glad I did.
I’m definitely going to host another Valentine swap next year.
I totally love all the pinkness on this table along with the turquoise/aqua/teal. I could live my life in turquoise – it just makes me happy!
I used to be able to blog about nothing and it was effortless but it’s been so long that blogging about nothing took a lot of effort today! Anyway, just in case I don’t make it back for a while Happy Hearts Day to you!