Monday, June 28, 2010


Bittersweet – that's what today is!  I loved every minute of Paper Cowgirl yet it seemed to fly by and much too soon I  had to say goodbye.  Our little gathering of like minded artists has doubled in size from just a year ago.  Considering how completely exhausted I am…four days must be about all I can handle. So I'm sharing the very best part of the weekend!  The people!  Tina's husband and daughter came for the meet and greet – how proud they must be to see the legacy she leaves us.  Old friends, new friends, blog friends – this is the very best part of Paper Cowgirl.

Cindy did a fabulous job and then coordinated Vendor's Night to boot which was a huge success. sepiapc collage

I'll post more pictures later – my brother who had a stroke while I was there is a whole lot better but poor Jeff has the flu.  So now I have to be a nurse not a cowgirl!  xoxo Nancy Nightingale.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Saddle Up Cowgirls

Yee Haw!  It's finally here.  You know Paper Cowgirl Art Retreat I've been yakking about for the past 6 months!  Packing up my pink suitcases  

image and loading them in the old pink caddy that LaVerne and I hardly ever use!MA36813PK-62

If you see us headin' north on 35 honk and wave!  You can't miss us!

ps wax2

I'm taking Mendy's digiart class but with fine skills like this –(doesn't that car look REAL?!#) I may not need it!  So…

pink hat 

Stop by to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to visit all the Pink Saturday blogs.

xoxo Cowgirl Nan!

Summer Flowers

Sharing something beautiful….around my home?  Flowers from my husband….


just because.


A big bouquet of volunteer zinnias from a friend.


I'm saving the seeds to someday have my own volunteer zinnias.


Flowers…..the gift that keeps on giving!

Joining Claudia for Friday Finding Beauty  and Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.   Stop by to visit these blogs for beauty and inspiration!  xoxo Nancy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Few More Things

Just a couple more pictures of pieces I'll have available for PC Vendor's Night.

Several Patriotic biggg Lollies.


Seven swans a swimming…okay only 4 here but a lot!  And tiny dancers.


These gorgeous old paper lanterns – they are unused old store stock and look incredible with those little battery candles in them.  Light as a feather they can hang anywhere.


I have them in all colors, too!


And lastly…maybe my antique wire dress form.  I've never put it in The Roost – if I do sell her she needs to go to a good artistic home!


I  think that's it for sneaky peeks.  See you in Wax!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paper Cowgirl Inventory

I'm showing a few of the things that I'll be selling on Vendor's Night at Paper Cowgirl this year.  These large lollies have a friends theme.  A Vintage Brownie camera wood lasercut image will hold a photo of your bff's.  I've used an original Dick and Jane teachers card

and old scrabble letters to hold your "friend's forever" pictures.  Or you could have "best friends" or just a universal "smile"!

I'll also have some original Housewives Tarot Cards and                                                       

some altered vintage Dominos.

I'll be posting some more pictures this week of things I'll have for Vendor's night. I do hope I sell some things so I can go shopping too!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where Bloggers Create

Today I'm joining Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage  for the second annual…

WhereBloggersCreateII Wow – this was a major deal trying to get pictures of where I create.  This is my craft room/dining room/ office/ storage room.  It functions and sometimes dysfunctions as a lot of things.  I stitched together a panorama of all but one side of the room.

Panorama 1

I have three shelves, a credenza, a chest of drawers, and an armoire to store my stuff in.    Looking at these pics is giving me high anxiety because there's just sooo much stuff. 


Baskets, boxes, canisters all full of stuff.  I try to label to label everything so I don't keep searching and searching – sometimes it works…and sometimes it doesn't


I have projects everywhere – the little trees I hope to work on soon…


Books for altered art and things waiting to go to the antique store.


On top of the armoir are my flowers for a project and a couple of paintings


which aren't mine – they are my husbands who is a hoarder and procrastinator in his own right!


In the opposite corner are more supplies, things I've gotten in swaps and from classes I've taken.


From my 2009 Paper Cowgirl class with Cindy a piece of advice…." That Birds of worry fly over your head you cannot change but that they build nests in your hair you can prevent"DSCN3268-1 

This party bird is letting no nest be built in his hair!!!!!!!!  I've got a huge one in my hair today labeled "stuff"!!!DSCN3268-2

Buttons, bingo, scrabble letters all waiting to be used for something someday!DSCN3269

And a little clock waiting to go to The Roost.DSCN3273

On a lower shelf I filled these vintage boxes with – sighing…..more stuff.DSCN3276

I just brought this home from The Roost – our antique store – because I had no drawers for office supplies.


My craft table/ dining table.  If I only had a closet!!!!!


See why it's important for me to have 15,487 scrabble letters?  I can make a  clever title like this!!!

Recently Updated9

I'm also joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday today.  (Just a few pink touches today)  and

Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.

Thanks for stopping by – I think it will take a year to go through all the blogs on these tours today!  Aren't these linky parties amazing???   xoxo Nancy


wade (wād)

intransitive verb -  wad′ed, wading wad′·ing:     to walk about in shallow water, as for amusement

Crea at the blue hole2

Enjoying the earth's music…at the Blue Hole….with my grandchildren.

I'm joining Claudia @ Dipity Rd. for Friday Finding Beauty and

Tracey at A Cottage Industry for Sunday Words To Live By.  So many blogs  to visit…so little time.  Right?

xoxo Nancy

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Words To Live By



Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. MLK Jr

Joining Tracey at Notes From A Cottage Industry for Sunday Words To Live By.    xoxo Nancy

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Paper Girls

Yesterday I said I'd show you the paper dolls I made for a Paper Cowgirl swap.  These girls are really hard to photograph and they are all rather…uh…one dimensional!  I used some Victorian greeting cards that I've had for years and really didn't like the cards but they were so expensive of course I couldn't throw them away.  So how great to finally find a use for them.  I have a lot of trouble making more than one of the same thing so this followed the pattern but still allowed me to just sort of grab what was in front of me!  The face was on one of the greeting cards and had really big hair and a giant hat so I got to give each one a different hair cut!  They didn't start out as any one style but when they were done this is how they looked to me! 

The twins are so excited to be featured for Pink Saturday.  They wore their prettiest pink floral dresses.  As you can see they don't get a lot of sun!


The Teachers must be British…they really dress up to go to work – I'm sure the one in the middle is Lady Di – if you get my drift!


Now -  these girls are French – they look like Degas ballerinas to me!


Their cousins…the French Canadians are always on the fly!


And this last sweet gal looks like she's one of the Jetsons crossed with a fairy!


At least I'll have pictures of them because nine of them are going to other people.  My granddaughter really wants to keep the last one so she'll probably come back  home with me.

Be sure to see one more "doll" – Beverly at How Sweet The Sound who hosts Pink Saturday each week.  Then you really must stop by LaVerne's Riverside Studios.  She killed two Coral snakes herself this week!  I'd say coral is a deadly shade of pink – wouldn't you????  xoxo Nancy

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paper Dolls and Mojitos

I wonder how many of you played with Paper Dolls as a little girl.  I'm a mid century kid – a baby boomer and if we weren't outside or playing jacks…we played paper dolls.




and movie starsimage

and cowgirls RanchlandPaperDolls

were my favs and they could get married over and over star in movies and live in the mansions we'd make out of paper boxes.  They also had a fabulous wardrobe designed by yours truly.  With Paper Cowgirl art retreat coming up I figured what a perfect opportunity to play paper dolls again so I'm hosting a Paper Doll Swap. 

10 people…10 paper dolls….10 books (sounds like a Bravo TV show – Project Paper Doll except no one gets eliminated – No Heidi Klum saying "one of you will be in…the other…take your paper dolls and go home")  Everyone leaves a winner with 10 different paper dolls.


Of course that seemed too simple so I decided to make a "home" for each persons little paper family.  My co host LaVerne found these books for a dime each at the library.  (LaVerne is in charge of  the Mojito part of this swap – lol) Talk about time consuming…each book took about two hours to complete – each page is covered with vintage dictionary pages and takes a large glue stick per book.  If you're making more than one of  these I'd definitely use a book with printed pages which would eliminate covering each page.


Anyway…two days later and they are all done and I hope all the gals in the swap like them….and thank you Jeff for helping me make these books! 


Being a paper doll clothes designer aficionado and unable to make anything twice much less 10 times – each one of my paper dolls is different.


My friend Mendy is in the swap and here's a picture I stole off of her blog of hers which are absolutely the cutest ones ever!!!  Their pipe cleaner hair is beyond adorable!  Oh my…I would love to have played paper dolls with her when I was little but since she's about 20 years my junior it wasn't to be.  (oh my gosh…I just saw their glitzy fingernails! tooo cute!!!)


I'll have pics of all of mine tomorrow for Pink Saturday.  In the meantime I'll be joining Cindy and Claudia for

Friday Finding Beauty  and Show and Tell Friday.  There's so much to look at on all these blogs and plenty of inspiring ideas.  Going to finish dressing the paper girls now! xoxo Nancy

Mojitos??? you wonder?  Another post!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunday Words To Live By



“"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best -- " and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called”

What a nice weekend…sharing meals with friends but oh Pooh!  I really need to eat less honey!

Joining Tracey at Notes From A Cottage Industry for Sunday Words To Live By.  Thanks, Tracey.