Friday, January 30, 2009

Pink Saturday

YYYHappy Pink SaturdayYYY

There on her blog you will find a long list of blogs just chock full of all things PINK. Do stop in for a visit.

The tags in the above pictures are some that I'm working on for

The Roost.

Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day go hand and hand. This week I've also been working on a Vintage Ephemera swap hosted by Julie at

Cupcake DD.

This is for my partner Cynthia
We were to eat a box of valentine candy and then decorate the box and fill it

with vintage ephemera.Since I'm doing WW it was fortunate (or not) that I saved my box from last year. Here's what I put in the box and in the pink altered Crystal Lite tube!

I don't think Cynthia reads my blog because if she does I'll ruin the surprise!

A sweet little bracelet with verses from Corinthians.... and a daisy hanky

and a heart pin for my valentine swap partner!

I'm curious...Do you send valentines, anymore? Do you decorate your house? Make some valentines whether you have kids or not - it's just so much fun and whoever gets one will absolutely love it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super Bowl Plans?

Why aren't these guys in the NFL???

Is it just me or do you find college football a lot more fun than pro? Neither? If you hate it...go for a nice Sunday drive because all those aggresive drivers will be home and it should be really pleasant! That's what I plan to do - just grab my hat and take a drive on I35!!!!
With my son

And Aretha!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Go Shopping!

Driving home from our weekend in Houston I was finally able to stop at By Design Scrapbook Boutique in Clearlake. I'd seen an ad in a magazine and wanted to stop. I just wasn't prepared (well actually I was because I had my camera) for how fabulous it was and how PINK! It's just one of the prettiest stores I've seen! And it's EMBELLISHED! everywhere

I could live in that treatment over the door! The store is built like the Rotunda in our Capitol Bldg. Write and tell President Obama that we're tired of that dismal neutral color and we want it painted pink. We can do this...yes we can...say it......YES WE CAN!!! The staff was so gracious and told me to take all the pictures I wanted!

So lucky for you and me....I did! Every display just screamed - buy me I'm PINK! No plain old bins here. Look at these wonderful frames. Baskets and bowls and vases held everything.Loved this workspace.

The walls are many shades of pink with some trompe 'loil to boot~

Dusty has just started a blog so stop by and visit her. Maybe they will invite our Pink Saturday group to come to a crop...after all there's only about 150 of us now! I'm sure Beverly our moderator at How Sweet the Sound can arrange it! LOL Hmm...maybe not since she's so busy hosting this little soiree each week!

And this garden themed display in PINK.

Made me want to get busy scrapbooking and gardening!

I had about 17 minutes to shop because Lilly was in the car patiently waiting and Jeff was in this chair, sort of patiently waiting.

Stop by for a virtual visit to By Design Scrapbook Boutique

and then visit everyone participating in Pink Saturday today. (You didn't want to sleep anyway)!
Have a wonderful weekend....Nancy

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pink Saturday

Have I ever showed you pictures of Lilly? She is the sweetest thing - even when I put hats on her this week for my Flickr group.

She cooperated fully! Do you like the red or the pink? LOL

Of course she never really wears a hat. But she always, always wears....

a pretty pink polka dot bow. Even a sweet dog needs a little pink in her life. Just like us!Lilly and I are in Texas and we are sending WARM wishes to all of you in the frozen North and a Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks to Beverly for hosting this fun event. Just check out her website for everyone who's participating today. Y Nancy

Monday, January 12, 2009

Vignettes at The Roost

Spilling over into the next booth at The Roost....... I set up a little vignette
on this wicker desk. I just checked my sales and yikes - the desk sold today so I need to get back there tomorrow to redo it. This is sooo much fun! I've also been working for the store site taking pictures and uploading them to their website. Be sure and take a look. There are lots and lots of goodies. :) Nancy

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pink Saturday

Warning....Do not keep your pink stored away for too long. I went to my wicker chest where I store my valuable pink things to look for a little inspiration and look what happened!!!!!!!!! Pink Saturday
Before my house was covered with pink glitter, hearts and stars I grabbed my favorite koozie and slammed the lid!!!!!!!!!
Hook em horns
Maybe some of that magical pink rubbed off on the Horns....they pulled it off in the final seconds...what a game the Buckeyes played and thank goodness that match up is over and alls well that ends well. Now I can go back to supporting both teams! Go Bucks and Hook Em Horns. If you want to see some of the most upstanding players in the NCAA take a look at this video and scroll towards the middle. It is sooo heartwarming (and thanks to my buddy Mike for sharing it with me).

Now head over to How Sweet the Sound and warn all the other pinkies about the consequences of storing your pink out of sight for too long!

Pink Longhorn Nan!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Buckeyes and Longhorns

I love the Buckeyes...
Really I do. Half of my immediate family are Buckeyes. We build shrines to the Buckeyes. Archie is revered in our house.This is years and years of wonderful Buckeye memorabilia. We have buckeye ornaments and all things Buckeye courtesy of my hub's sister...Buckeye Jude. I proudly fly the OSU flag - most of the time.
So tomorrow I will really be sad that through a quirk of fate (and a screwed up BCS) the mighty Texas Longhorns will have to defeat my second favorite team - the OSU Buckeyes. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
Hook 'Em Horns

Longhorn Nan

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