Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 4th Pink Saturday

Well at first I thought I just don’t have words to express what a delightful time I’ve had these past four years.  But I quickly found them…my words…

Just click on the picture to make it full screen and there they are.  Four years of positive, fun words all wrapped up!

Thanks to Beverly @ How Sweet The Sound for doing an excellent job!



pink words

Friday, May 18, 2012

Junk Salvation

 In searching for something for Pink Saturday today I ran across my pictures from Junk Salvation.  I completely forgot to show you guys the pictures from there.  It was in a cute venue - an old ghost town the downside being that it clearly shows the effects of the severe drought we remain in despite recent rains. Three

It was nice to see a bunch of Texas bloggers and junkers!
there was a lot...a whole lot of white.
Quite a few boots and plenty of burlap.

There was some color but gauzy white prevailed.
Isn't it amazing how inviting "Junk" can be?
My favorite thing I saw was this.  It's the inside of a pink trailer!
 I love how she used the shabby salvage doors, tables and frames.

And of course soft well worn fabrics in all shades of pink and aqua.

wouldn't you just love to curl up in here? xoxo Nancy  I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for our weekly Pink Saturday get together and Show and Tell Friday @ My Romantic Home.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Be Kind To Others

It’s raining today and rain is always welcome. It doesn’t make for taking a good indoor Pink Saturday picture, however.  I finally put my watercolor prints that I bought from my favorite artist – Katie Daisy – in a frame.  I need to have a new mat made but for now at least they are out of the envelope.
I sort of like this shot – it looks sort of ethereal.  I found her work here at The Wheatfield.
Another dim shot.

and yet another!
I was working on the blogger template yesterday and thought I’d try one of their new templates. I used part of a picture for my background and header. When I tried to reinstall my stretch minima template it wouldn’t work!  So now I guess this is it from now on.  I love the background but was hoping to use the other template. I’d just installed a new feature in the comments so you can comment on someone elses comment. I love that feature.

Anyway the background of my blog is a truer color of my three prints than these pictures.

So is anyone going to see Dark Shadows this weekend.  I just looked at the old soap premier episode from 1966 and realized I had all those hairstyles. I have to find some pictures of that!
I forgot about this Sunday being Mother’s Day until I received an email from Beverly at How Sweet The Sound just now! Soooo….
Have a wonderful Mother’s Day all you mothers. Well that didn’t sound right.  Have a wonderful day to my blogging friends who are blessed with motherhood.  Is that  better?  I still love my post I did a few years ago so here’s a link to that tribute.
xoxo Nancy
Okay - so you don't have to wait any longer I'm adding the picture....just shoot me - no  wait shoot her, Victoria.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Five Things About Me

This year I ‘m part of a Circle Journal book club with nine other bloggers.  Each month we do a two page layout in one of the journals and then send it on to the next person.  In March I worked in Dana’s book. You know… everyone’s favorite blogger…Dana of The Stone Rabbit .  Dana’s journal is Knowing Me Knowing You and she asked us to do a two page layout of five words to describe something about ourselves.  Here’s my layout.


Can you guess my words? The little card is one word. 


The house is another.  Those little birds are a vintage barrette from the ‘50s.   This has nothing to do with my words but Dana and I are practically twins. True.  Except for her being thin and I’m not and she’s in tip top shape and a runner…and I am really really on the opposite end of that and she’s from Missouri and– oh never mind.  We were born just months apart and I’m a huge fan of hers and consider her a good friend even though we’ve never met in person.  She makes me laugh and don’t you love friends who do that?  Anyway – #2 - The House means?????


See the ticket and buttons? That’s not anything…just there for balance!


The little viewmaster wheel is the third word and this was a tough one and encompasses several things so I’ll tell you what this word is.  #3 is Curious! I was going to put computery because I’m fairly good at figuring things out on computers but only because I’m curious.  I research things to death so I could have put researcher or OCD but in the end it’s curiosity that leads me to learn how to do things.


Here’s my last two words on this page. 


No – not the clock silly although I am “timely” – the pink puzzle piece of a state and the little book.  Yep that’s my fourth word. (Haha my friend Patty saw the bird and guessed “flighty”! Close Patty but NO!)


And the fifth word which opens has all five answers and a brief turned lengthy explanation. 


But I can’t tell you the five words because Dana might see them!  What I thought would be hard to do?  Not.  Once I started writing it was blah, blah blah and then some more blah blah blah.


Our very own Beverly of How Sweet The Sound and Pink Saturday fame came up with this idea so be sure and go see what she and the Pinkies are up to today.


So that’s it for me. Any questions?  I have one. Leave a comment and tell me what five words you would use to describe yourself. I think Dana had an awesome idea for her journal, don’t you.

xoxo Nancy