Thursday, July 9, 2020

My Beautiful Girls

My Girls. I've lost both of them now but am going to write this so I'll be able to remember later.

Iris and Lillie Louise
I wrote about Lillie Louise here the day we got her. I looked back 11 years later to see when we actually got her and discovered that it was exactly 11 year to the day when she died. July 6, 2009 - July 6, 2020. Iris died almost two years ago and I didn't write anything but it was summer and it was so hot and she kept trying to go under the deck away from us. I think it was August. I might as well start with our first Lilly - the one before Lillie Louise.

Big Lilly

My problem with Vets started with her.
I had been taking her to a close by vet for Cushings Disease. He was treating symptoms but there is not much to be done for that awful disease if you're familiar with it at all. On a Sunday she was struggling to breath - it was heartbreaking - and I called the Vets office. One of the vets was in the office on this particular Sunday and I asked her if we could bring her in to be put to sleep and her answer was "no - she could hear on the phone that Lilly was in distress but we would have to wait until Monday." I begged her to let us bring her as we were so close by but to no avail. By late Sunday night it was unbearable to see her suffering so we found an emergency 24 vet and took her in. She was finally out of pain...and we brought her home at midnight and buried her. May her sweet little soul rest in peace.

Lilly Louise

We were heartbroken and I absolutely had no plan to get another dog but I think fate or God intervened. I happened on that KiJiJi ad and couldn't believe my eyes what I was reading. It was basically the same description of our Lilly we had just lost sweet, 2 years old, spayed...and her name was Lillie. I called and talked to the owner who was asking $350 for her. We had a great conversation but I didn't have $350 and asked her if she would consider $200 and she said she couldn't. I understood completely and I thanked her and we said goodbye. So that was that. But a few minutes later she called back and said we sounded like the perfect family for Lilly and she'd like to meet us...could we come there the next day. We spent two hours there getting to know each other and Lillie came home with us promising to put a dog door in for her and we drove off watching Ann with tears in her eyes letting one of her girls go. She rode home with her head in Jeff's lap while I drove. From then on she was his girl.

Iris (her story is here)

Fast forward about a year and a half later and I happened to see another ad. Maybe I was just checking to see what a sheltie puppy would cost...I don't know...but I felt sorry for Lilly (by now I changed the spelling) because she had always been with her sheltie family and I was afraid she was lonely. Lo and behold there was an ad. Four year old sheltie - FREE - to the right people and it was Ann. So I called her and said "Ann, why didn't you call me?" She had lost our number and had just told someone else they could meet about Iris. We talked a bit and she said "Nancy, I want you to have her - I'm calling the other family." Iris was Lilly's aunt. Why was she free? Let's just say there was a problem with Brittany Spears puppies. (It remained a family secret for years!) Anyway, I digress - years later Iris started failing. She started having fainting spells and at one point I think she died and my son got her heart going again. We were not going to treat her at that age and put her through a lot of tests and heroic measures but I wanted her to not be in pain or called a Hospice vet and put her in hospice. She came to the house and checked her and gave her pain medicine and we made plans for her to come back as Iris worsened. About six months later she really went into distress and we called the hospice vet who had promised to come when we needed her. She couldn't come. She had just gotten back from vacation was booked and tried to get another home vet to come to no avail. So there we were again. July 17, 2018 We took her to a local vet who agreed to euthanize her but I felt like he thought we were not doing all we could. It was awful. So we brought her home and buried her next to Big Lilly. Got rest her sweet, sweet soul.
I didn't blog about Iris but I wrote this on FB:
We lost our Iris yesterday. She was such a sweet girl - aunt to Lilly and they spent their lives together. She loved digging holes, laying in the sun, riding in the car and chasing any car leaving our driveway by running the fence. She came to us when she retired from motherhood. She was devoted to us and to Lilly. She gave us so much happiness all these years but thirteen years is a long time for a dog. We loved her and will miss her so will Lilly. They were joined at the hip and at times moved in tandem. They both spent their early years on a beautiful ranch in Round Mountain and I'm forever grateful to Ann Debo for entrusting them to us. Rest peacefully sweet girl.

Back In Time:

Jeffy and Collie - 1978

Our very first dog Collie who we got in 1972 was taken care of in her old age by the most wonderful young vet in McAllen. In 1983 when she got sick with cancer he took care of her and we wanted to do everything possible to save her. We were young and looking back it was more for us than her. Our vet Dr. Jeff, sent her to A&M vet school for treatment. They did a new procedure on her and she lived for another year. At some point she stopped eating and I remember feeding her baby food through a baster but then one Sunday morning her whole back legs were swollen and she was in distress. We called Dr. Jeff and he told us her kidneys were failing and we knew it was time. He met us in his office and the boys and Jeff and I all stayed with her and said our goodbyes. And we brought her home and buried her. God rest our dear sweet Collie.


Ahh Molly. She was my salvation. I had gone through major back surgery and was just devastated at losing Collie. Jeff had said NO MORE DOGS and none of us wanted to go through that pain again but one Saturday morning my friend Kathy called and said "Nancy, there are sheltie puppies for sale in Harlingen and were going to see them." That was that. She picked me up and we drove there and there she was - our sweet Molly. I wrote about Molly here. Dr Jeff took care of her for 10 years and then he moved from McAllen. We had an okay vet then, and of course a couple of years later Molly got cancer and we decided not to put Molly through heroic measures and several years later on a trip to Austin she worsened considerably and we knew it was time. We had her cremated and kept her ashes until we moved to Pflugerville where we buried her in the front flower bed. May our darling Molly rest in peace.
Present Day 2020

Brandon and Lilly Louise

Three weeks ago Lilly Louise woke up bleeding...bleeding profusely from her mouth. We had gone to Thrive vets for a year but had no regular vet. I tried three places to get her in and nada. So we took her to the Emergency Vet and they extracted a tooth and put her on antibiotics. This was during the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic. We weren't allowed to even go into the building. It was awful - I thought she was dying that morning all alone with strangers. But she didn't. She came home on antibiotics and rallied for several weeks and then she quit eating. Nothing for five days. I prayed for her to die on her own. It was July 4th weekend and I knew it was useless to get her into any of the "Corporation Vets". And then something told me to search for Dr. Jeff and there he was an hour away from us. I called Monday morning and he saw her at three that afternoon. We could have tried more but decided to let her go. God bless Dr Jeff - he is so kind and he remembered us and Collie from 25 years ago. So she's gone. She was cremated and we will bury her next to Iris. God rest her soul.

Four of our girls are buried here.

All five of their collars and locks of their hair. I need a bigger box - they don't fit anymore. Our darling dogs - how we loved them all...1972 - 2020.
We have one more but I'll not include our sweet little Rita Rose in this post.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

My HeART Friends

I wrote this years ago but never published this post. MaryAnn died about five years ago but is remembered by so many of us through the art groups that she started.

For years now I’ve been in the Itty Bitty Book Club. Our founder – Mary Ann was diagnosed with cancer a few month ago and it happened so fast – she’s gone. I met her on Flickr when she first started hosting IBBs. I’ll always regret missing the very first book but made sure I was entered on time after that. She had just finished a book and told us she was taking a break because of her illness and we all assumed she would get treatment, go through chemo and recover. After all – she was young. It didn’t happen that way, however, and the next thing we knew we were making one last book – in her memory.
Her Blog was Follow Your Bliss.
Here are some pages that others did. I love the Tree of Life page.
This is LaVerne’s page – it’s so pretty and meaningful.
This is mine – I used one of MaryAnn’s watercolors as a background surrounded by quotes I found throughout her work.
While MaryAnn was sick we were making another “Love” book to send to her. Little did we know that time would run out. My friend Rhonda from Rhondamum was coordinating this and when MaryAnn died she had such a struggle to finish this book and on top of that was pulled into service to plan a memory book for her and her family. I am so grateful to Rhonda for doing this. I hope she knows how much it helped all of us.
My pages for the Love book are made from old envelopes from the 1940’s and earlier. I love the feathery old handwriting in ink.
The stamps were perfect for a pastel, sepia themed book.
This is just a few of my IBBs.  They are a treasure to me and a tribute to my friend, MaryAnn.
I’m joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday….another precious friend I’ve met through art and blogging. Check out Pink Saturday – they are a wonderful group of friends!
xoxo Nancy

Sunday, February 8, 2015

To My Valentine

I had an idea…post on holidays. Yes, that would be manageable but it seems that I missed Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Maybe I’ll just write something when I change out the round shelves!  Actually I don’t even think I decorated these shelves at Christmas. I did good to get a tree up. But my valentines made by my friends and my circle journal group I absolutely treasure. They could be out all year and I’d be happy but then there’s Easter and eventually back in the case they go.
How do you like my little cutouts? As I find old pictures that were enlarged I’m putting them on tagboard and making little people. That’s my big sister and me and behind that my giant pouting son.
See the little Mary E book? My daily journal from last year? I maintained it for ohh……5 days! So I turned it into an album of the tons of wallet sized pictures of my grandsons and doodled frames. The closest I ever came to maintaining a journal would be this very blog for what six years or so and that’s not going swimmingly now.
I kept my candy boxes during the big V Day purge last year. So glad I did.
I’m definitely going to host another Valentine swap next year.
I totally love all the pinkness on this table along with the turquoise/aqua/teal. I could live my life in turquoise – it just makes me happy!
I used to be able to blog about nothing and it was effortless but it’s been so long that blogging about nothing took a lot of effort today! Anyway, just in case I don’t make it back for a while Happy Hearts Day to you!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Long Time - No See

Let’s see if I can remember how to do this. First of all…Hellooo! I’ve missed you guys!  I have not done anything on this poor little neglected blog for months and months. So what have you guys been up to? I’ve been busy working on some projects that are now finished. Thank goodness. I’ve also put myself in self imposed isolation. Nope – I don’t have ebola but I have not only neglected the blog…I’ve neglected the house so I’m not going anywhere until I get things back in order.  I’m still paring down all the “stuff” and every time I decorate I’m trying to only keep a couple of boxes. Anyway – I got the Halloween/Fall “stuff” out in time for all the Halloween Hops!
What would I do without these round shelves? I just don’t seem to have the places to put things anymore! That’s my little grandson dressed up as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween….Halloween 1997! Still one of my favorite pictures of him.
That Pumpkin Man I had forgotten about. He probably wondered if he was on the purge list and now he’s got that scaredy cat grin on his face thinking he dodged the bullet!
I love this guy – so he’s safe while I’m around. Now see the dust on that Mary Englebreit chair? I thought I cleaned it so it’s a good thing I’m blogging to catch myself on these oversights – haha.
Remember this piece? I bought this at an auction dirt cheap because the glass doors on each end were broken. It’s narrow so it works for me in this room. How about the Dave Ramsey book on one end and the ledger books on the opposite end? I should have had that book about 50 years ago because those ledger books don’t contain  financial plans or budget…I’ve turned them into picture albums of my grandkids!
Great way to save all those years and years of school pictures and prom pictures of the kids and grandkids.
I love this tiny little painting but with the orange color it doesn’t go with anything in my house except in the fall.
So I just keep it with that stuff and bring it out once a year!
Same thing with the Jim  Shore cat! I picked him up for nothing at a Goodwill and he comes out once a year. I think a lot of people must get Jim Shore things who have no idea of the value or just don’t like his work because they seem to be easy to find!
The ME teapot and cups stay out most of the year. Black and white dots or checks??? They go with everything. That’s it for my tour de halloween today! I hope to stop by and see what everyone else has been doing.
xoxo and yours truly, I Once Was Lost But Now I’m Found Nancy!
Joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday !

Thursday, June 5, 2014

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Yes - sadly there are several things coming to an end.  My computer - a corupt file uploaded to my computer from ... of all McAfee program.  It completely wiped out wireless detection.  I was fortunate that I really didn't lose anything important like my photos but I did lose some programs.  It also wiped out my husband's wireless, my Kindle wireless, my phone wireless and McAfees fix did not work.  I was crippled without my computer - addresses, appointments and oh yeah...the wireless printer so I had to actually go to the post office and physically pay for postage. I got the new Dell back in time to post my pictures of  Susan's Heart To Heart Journal.
Pink was one of the colors she preferred for her Journal. I made a word cloud shaped like a heart using words from her blog.  "Read" was her top word so I placed it on a book cover.

From me it goes to LaVerne, then to Shelia  and finally back to Susan so that's another good thing coming to an end...our journals.

And then there is The Roost.  We're closing it at the Round Rock Mall and will only be at the Austin Antique Mall.  We'll still have the Vintage Roost online but it makes me sad that I haven't been able to work at keeping it up like I did originally.  So - for now we'll just have Oodles which has been outselling the Roost 3 to 1.  Another good thing coming to an end. Sigh....And tonight at my grandson's football game the seniors will be honored.  I'm still trying to figure out how he was just starting kinder... 

and all of a sudden he's a senior in high school. #52
I've loved every minute of the past seventeen years and the joy he's brought to our lives. Okie Dokie.  That's it for me for Beverly's Pink Saturday.  I've got to get ready for the big game tonight.  BTW...they won last week 43 to 7! Go Raiders.
Here's to Good Things...beginning or ending! xoxo Nancy