Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rhondi’s Porch Party

“Come sit with me out on the porch in early morn,
And watch a new day struggle to be born.
A tinge of orange upon horizon's breast
And stars now tired--flicker low and rest. “

Well, for now I’m going to recycle some old porch pictures….because I’ve got some sort of flu bug and didn’t get any pictures done today.

I originally had white wicker that I always wanted to paint black and never did.  My grandson was starting 4th grade that year so this must have been 5 years ago….


Then, one day I put all my wicker in the front yard and sold it on Craigslist.

 July 4th005

For a while I had an old enamel top table and a couple of chairs….

 July 4th007

This was last summer. Then I replaced

July 4th009

July 4th008

those chairs with some wonderful vintage bamboo chairs with vintage bark cloth cushions but while I loved to sit in them they were so low to the ground I couldn’t get OUT of them. LOL


Then one day, sitting on the curb behind my house was this couch my neighbor had set out for the GARBAGE!!!  It took about two seconds for it to be moved to my porch.


And I think it’s here to stay for a while.  It’s so00 comfortable and definitely is a napping couch.  Covered in a wonderful embossed leather like vinyl material it works perfectly on my porch.


Along with my wrought iron rocking chair my dad made for me.  I’ve added an area rug and an awning and if I start to feel human tomorrow I plan to take some pictures with the plants added.


I just couldn’t miss Rhondi’s porch party and you shouldn’t either.  Be sure and check out all the porches on parade today over at her place!  Thanks, Rhondi



Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pink Saturday Anniversary Giveaway


Congratulations to Beverly! This is a one year anniversary for her renowned blog extravaganza….Pink Saturday.  These are for you, Beverly and one lucky Pink Winner!  I don’t know what they  are for sure.  Some sort of Lily that has a giant bulb with each stalk about three feet high.


Just like our Pink Saturday group they just seem to multiply.


Each stalk has 10 to 12 flowers and like this group, they are an enduring flower and last about a week…which is how long it takes to get through all the PS posts now!   They were planted at least 50 to 70 years ago by a former owner and like our group  shared around our 100 year old neighborhood.


They are such a beautiful pale pink.  To celebrate this Pink Occasion, I plan to dig up a couple of these bulbs.  One for Beverly who so graciously hosts Pink Saturday each week and one for a giveaway. Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll draw a winner the following Saturday. DSC07325

Thanks for stopping by, be sure and visit all the pink blogs at HowSweetTheSound and Happy Pink Saturday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Salt and Pepper

wordless wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is hosted by our friend Dixie over in French Lique, Texas where you can visit all the wordless blogs participating.  Thank you Dixie for giving us a talk break.

s and p

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xoxo Nancy

Ssshhhhh….click here for a wonderful wordless video! 

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

State Flowers …click here. (Mute the music in my sidebar first)

Something beautiful for you in honor of those who served our country. 

Blessings, NancyKids_Marching

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pink Saturday


I’m so late in coming up with anything for Pink Saturday…this week we have redone The Roost


for the Memorial Day Sale and also did more work at Bella Blues



and tonight I have a kitchen full of flowers and a sink full of oasis

DSC07178 DSC07173

waiting to be arranged for the 135th anniversary celebration at church.  Lucky for me there’s always a little pink in things I do!  I’ll show you the fabulous baskets these flowers are going in later.  Meanwhile, have a wonderful Saturday.

Be sure and visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to visit all the blogs participating in Pink Saturday.

PS:  Finally the flowers are done!

DSC07188 basket I found this picture of the baskets from the 50’s and they were old then.  The 70 year olds at church don’t know how old they are, but remember them always being here! They have a heavy galvanized cone in them that goes almost to the bottom.

Anyway, here’s a few pics:

and a few tables

I’ll have to do a whole post on the memorabilia they uncovered – such treasures.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday – Dancing With The Stars

Wordless Wednesday is hosted by our friend Dixie over in French Lique, Texas where you can visit all the wordless blogs participating.  Thank you Dixie for giving us a talk break.
jason_mesnick240 horses ass





Friday, May 15, 2009

Pink Saturday - I have sinned

Bless you my Pink Saturday friends! Welcome.  painted churches
Yesterday  I toured four of the twenty or so Painted Churches of Texas with my best pal LaVerne. I really wanted to show you this incredible Pink Church
painted churches

 however, LaVerne called dibs on it for Pink Saturday.
So, satisfying my Pink Saturday Holy Day of Obligation with THESE pictures,
 I’ll show you pictures from this church.
Isn’t it stunning? All done a hundred years ago and now restored to it’s former glory.
The cathedral ceiling was so so high all painted with gold stars and I so wanted to get a good picture for you but we couldn’t go up to the choir loft.
and I really wanted a picture without all the tourists in it. So I asked OUR tour guide “could I just stand on the landing” and she said sure…go ahead. See this picture just doesn’t show  all I wanted to capture.

So I climbed the three steps and this is the picture I got as I heard the Chamber of Commerce 78 year old Baptist tour guide substituting for the REAL tour guide loudly reprimand me…”Get down from there” “Right Now” “you aren’t allowed upstairs” Aaachhh
Oh my gosh....everyone turned around!
See what I mean?

Painted church
Here's a closer look! Go ahead click on the picture to make it BIG!
painted churches

Geez.  I thought about hiding in the bathroom - or not.

So I ended up here and promised to repent.
A few Hail Marys later
and I had completely turned over a new leaf.
The nun
Blessings, Sister Ascending Nancy
The churches we toured were absolutely magnificent and if you ever get a chance go see them....just stay off of the stairs!
Now go in peace and visit Beverly and all the Pink Saturday blogs.

painted churches