Friday, September 25, 2009

The Power of Pink Friendship

For Pink Saturday I'm sharing a book seven friends made in Ruidoso. We were so inspired with the butterfly release (next post down) and then our friend Carol saw the poem - Advice From A Butterfly - and we decided to each design a page and make copies and make a paper bag album for each of us. More importantly we made an 8th copy and that's the one I'm sharing. It's for our Head Paper Cowgirl Tina. Tina went into the hospital last week for an emergency appendectomy and her doctors discovered that she has colon cancer with some liver involvement. Tina has so many friends in blogland - all praying for her as we did at every meal in Ruidoso.  As our other head Paper Cowgirl Cindy @ Yapping Cat Studio says - "if you are so inclined say a prayer for Tina".

This is sage advice for all of us.

This is Pam’s page – she’s a really precise cardmaker and loved the imperfection of our “altered book”.


LaVerne is the responsible person who brought almost all the craft supplies we needed!

Here’s my page – pretty simple but I thought that is what my line called for.

Judy’s page looks like a watercolor – so serene.

And how fitting for our daredevil Patty – Catch a Breeze.

As busy as Barbara is she really does take time to do just this…and always has time for a friend.

 Carol has low craft esteem – she’s never done any like this before and was frustrated  but I think it’s wonderful and she is a monarch in my book.

Then we made a pocket page and filled it with blessings and love.

LaVerne found this wonderful silver Healing Hand for Tina.  It holds healing elements from the earth – silver, amethest and peridot.

and lastly the back page.

For my recommendation for a blog to visit I'm suggesting Tina - Glue On My Fingers - Paint in My Hair

She's an incredibly talented faux and decorative painter of walls! and an amazing artist. You may have seen her work in Somerset Magazine. Stop over and say hello.

Several  blogs are making art projects for Tina and I’m so happy to be a part of those also.  Too much support is always welcome don’t you think???

Mendy and Lisa @ Mendy Texas and Jan @ The Polka Dot Barn.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday.

xoxo Nancy


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ruidoso Recap

Our first morning in Ruidoso we had the deer eating out of our hands…literally…and our hair!  This sweet little girl came right up to our doorstep and she was sooo dainty…unlike the hoggy one that showed up at dinnertime.


This was truly an amazing experience…a Hospice fundraiser butterfly release.  We each got a little cold butterfly to warm in our hands and then everyone opened their box and the butterflies wake up hungry and immediately go to the flowering plants placed in a circle.



During the week we took in some sights – isn’t this picturesque?

Sunday1 Everywhere there’s a view.


Here I am…seventh runner up in the Miss Apache Muscalero contest along with the other runners up!  I think maybe that’s a cardboard cutout of Carol!


A drive to the Apache ski resort at the top of a mountain nearly did Vertigo Vera (aka Barbara) in.


We did a whole lotta this.  Breakfast in, lunches out and paired up to cook dinner each night. 


     My friends the posers!


Of course we crafted.  We decorated our trick or treat bags, made tags for a friend, worked in journals, and made a book…Advice from a butterfly.  We each made a page then made copies and then all make a paper bag album. 


Did I mention the view????


While shopping at the Iris Farm we discovered their meadow.  The grass was like velvet.  Well, what do drought stricken Texas girls do when they see green grass???


Here’s a highlight…a BEAR came to our dumpster right by our condo.  Here he is making off with a bag.  He was HUGE.  We got in the car to get more pics and who got out to get a closer shot??? Daredevil Patty.  We had been warned what to do in case of a bear encounter but Patty figured all she had to do outrun whoever she was with. HAHA


Oh yes, we ran into some fellow Texans.  Yep, really.

P1040141 If you’re going to  have a little parallel parking mishap…be sure you hit fellow Texans.  It’s just another way to make new friends and get invited to stay at their house should you ever be in Tyler!!!!


So that’s it…Adios from Ruidoso….

Nancy Carol Pam Barbara and LaVerne

P1030958 The Bear Judy Patty

     image    image image

Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting There

So...I'm not sure if I got them all on my little slideshow but there were Nine potty breaks!
(I'll have to break this post up since I can't seem to upload pics into blogger)

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Road to Ruidoso
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And here we are...we made it safe and sound despite rain and wind and aliens!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pink Saturday Road Trip

Can seven Texas women take a road trip and drive 600 miles in 9 hours??? Probably... if we can coordinate our bathroom breaks! (Otherwise...hmmm 4 breaks per person x 7 = 28 x 5 min x 20 min looking for a clean bathroom = 4 days) No, no no ! Our tardy tour guide Barbara has our schedule down to a T! We're packing a fabulous gourmet picnic lunch and will stop at one of our lovely TxDot roadside parks so that's a big time saver.
Here we are all dressed for the trip. Are we not Glamorous??? We'll plan to take lots and lots of pics of anything pink we see along the way.

In the meantime...would anyone like to guess how many stops and hours it will take to reach Ruidoso?
Maybe we'll keep track and host a giveaway! Woo Hoo...lets hit the road!

xoxo Nancy

Head on over to Beverly's this Saturday...she's having a garage sale and hosting this pink visit all the Pink blogs!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Pink Saturday 50’s Style

How handy it was this week when the mall where we have our space opened  their newest showroom right next to our booth and it’s Pink Pink Pink!


Across from our booth is the 60’s room: Doesn’t it scream “Mad Men”? or does anyone watch that show?


And next to that the 1970’s display.  Groovy, huh?  All you 30 somethings and 40ish kids should Showroom3 remember some of this stuff.  Looks like it’s right out of an old decorating book!

My growing up memories are more from the late 50’s and early 60’s, however, and all this pink and grey and black makes me feel right at home.  Does anyone remember these little jukebox selection boxes right at your diner booth?


Love this pottery….


And the lucky few who had a pink telephone.   (Not us because you had to pay extra for anything other than a black phone!)


Poodle skirts and neon clocks!


And a black ceramic panther usually on the television console.


I think the King would be right at home in these rooms.


He’d probably really approve of Pink Saturday, don’t you think? 

Still need more Pink?  Visit our host… Beverly at How Sweet The Sound where there are lot’s of other pink places to visit. 

Now here’s my recommendation for the Pink Saturday Blog Discovery -

Lynn’s blog – It’s a July Thing – is a  riot to visit.  I think I will stalk Lynn from now on because she doesn’t do anything half fast!!!! Read her blog…you’ll see why. LOL 

xoxo Nancy

aka Longhorn Nan

longhorn Hook ‘em Horns!!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1st

Oct Layout007_editedI love it – the first day of September - a day that holds so much promise for me.  The relentless heat has already loosened its grip in the early morning…allowing us to sit outside where it’s just a bit cooler than the air conditioned house.  The sun in the late afternoon looks just a tiny bit different as it filters through the blinds.  And there is the slim outside chance that a cold front could blow through. Fall is on it’s way and I love it – my favorite season.  What about you?  What’s your favorite time of year?  And aren’t you glad I won’t be whining about the heat all the time?!?  xoxo Nancy