Friday, April 27, 2012

I’m Tickled Pink!



Because this is less than 10 miles from me today….



Funky Junk Sisters Junk Salvation Show


and just up the road is this!

Decisions, decisions!! So today is Junk Salvation….tomorrow is Country Living.  I’ll see if I can find some pink for you guys. Have a great weekend.

Go say hi to Ms. Pink Saturday…Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.

xoxo Nancy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grace's Marie Antoinette Book

It’s Pink Saturday time!  Thank you to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for this wonderful, weekly soire!

I’ve fallen  behind on posting my pictures of the Round Robin books so I’ll start with the most recent first.  This Round Robin book making it’s way through 10 people this year  was made by Grace of Pink In The City.  She chose the doomed Queen Marie Antoinette as her subject. 

Here is the cover she made for her book.  Beautiful isn’t it?

marie bookDSCN0540

I found a super high res copy of this painting of Marie which allowed me to crop a portion of it to use as a background picking up the beautiful details.  I honed in on the lacy part of her dress.  I love being able to see the brush strokes on the canvas when it’s blown up.



The other two images are from the Graphics Fairy.  She is truly a Fairy Godmother sharing all these fabulous images with us.

marie bookDSCN0532

The background on page two is a collage of scraps from page one, real lace, and a picture I took of a box of dried hydrangeas.  I turned a gazebo into a carriage of sorts with a door of mirrors  pulled by a very strong bird…or maybe it’s a teeny carriage pulled by your average size bird.  You decide.  Velvet wheels fit for a Queen!


marie bookDSCN0528

Although it’s hard to see… the words are from a texture of the background.  Marie was a gardener so I think she must have worn “ordinary” clothes such as these to prune her roses.

marie bookDSCN0527

The corner piece is a scrap of an antique paper doily and the Queen is decoupaged  right onto the background.

 marie bookDSCN0531

In her hand I’ve placed a teeny little antique doll fan.

marie bookDSCN0535

It actually opens and closes and is one of three that I have/ had as I used one on Kay Ellen’s Round Robin book and I think it’s a perfect embellishment for Queen Marie.

 marie bookDSCN0537

As I had this laid out all in blue it occurred to me…”Mon Dieu! Where ezz my brainzz???!!” Was it not for Grace of Pink in the City so in came the pink.  Lost my head momentarily!  This last picture can be supersized should you wish to see the messy details!  I love the layers of lace from the previous pages framing my page!



This book was so much fun to do.  Grace gave us free reign.  Merci, Grace…chapeaus off to you! That about covers all the French words I know so now I must bid you adieu.  Au revoir…Nancy

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Round Top Recap

I’m amending this post for Beverly’s Pink Saturday so be sure and go see her and all my pink friends. In almost every picture of our booth you can find something Pink.  (Not the industrial manly side so that doesn’t count!)   


I guess I need to update my blog name to

My Poor Ignored Crafty Little Page!

The past couple of months have been busy, busy and I should have just done what I see some bloggers do...take a blog break. Last month was my turn to host bunco and since every possible surface was covered with stuff going to the antique show we had it at my bunco partner's house. So I did food and prizes


which, like an idiot, I made instead of buying. Prizes - not food - because as you probably have heard me say Jeff does all the cooking. So he made gumbo for me - which everyone loved. And even though I've always done the cooking for bunco before last month everyone thought that the gumbo was the best thing I ever there you go. haha

Last week was the antique fair at Round Top. What an experience that was. We set up on a Friday and it ran through the following week until the next Saturday. So for nine days we drove the 80 miles over and 80 miles home. Up at five...on the road by six a.m. and close at six p.m. and back home again. The drive over was spectacular. Dark and cool for a little while and then watching the sunrise showcasing the wildflowers through the mist made it worth the drive. (The rising sun and I haven't seen each other for a looong time by the way!) I didn't take any pics of course but I did swipe some off of Flickr and truly this is how they look!


We shared a booth with Bella Blues - my lifelong friends and sisters Barbara and Judy. Any time we can spend time together is a good time no matter what we're doing. They stayed here - thank God - because no matter what fiasco happens it somehow turns into a "laugh till your sides hurt" occasion. Not that I don't appreciate my eye rolling husband - ahem - after all...someone needs to be in charge of eye rolling!

So anyway here are a few pictures of our booth/tent. Here’s Judy hard at work.


Jeff keeping the books…bossing us around.


Every single night we put all the outside stuff inside and rolled the sides of the tent down. So every day we would redo our setup.  If I got bored I’d just start rearranging stuff! hahaha It drove my husband nuts!


Almost all of our furniture sold and as they did we would pile things in baskets. People love digging through baskets! I sold a lot of vintage kitchen utensils that way!DSCN0484

Everyone at Round Top wants a deal and negotiating the price is half the fun. 


See the tent beyond ours?  That guy sold Rachel Ashwell  most of her stuff for her home and B & B in Round Top.  Word to the wise if you go there.  Tons of people from the Marburger Farms show come to La Bahia and buy stuff, take it to their space there and sell it for lots more $$$!



In my mind I was wondering what we would do with all the extra space in the tent.


Make a lounge area? Exercise equipment? (yeah right). Turns out my mind overestimated how much room is in a 10 x 20 tent! Turns out we had to rent a lot of extra outside space! Three of us sharing the space - my nephew with his industrial furniture, me and Jeff, and Barb and Judy; you can see the way we arranged it was a girl side and a guy side.


Whew - the outfits that came through were funky - it was like a fashion show.


Lots of Junk Gypsy and Magnolia Pearl dressed people and lots of cowboy boots and gauzy dresses. And man - after cool mornings late afternoons were a scorcher. Fashion plate that I am...I wore whatever was cool - meaning "heat" cool not "chic" cool.


I wanted to go around and take pictures but kept forgetting. On the last day - Saturday before Easter some of the vendors had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. They were so adorable and when I finally found my camera it was over!



The last two days my friend Mike joined us.image

(Mike and Andy loading a shopper’s car)

Mike has been my friend since 5th grade. He is one of my best girlfriends. And no he’s not gay – he just happens to be Barbara’s husband. Actually when we started high school they didn’t know each other. Mike and I were from Travis Jr. High and Barbara was in the convent at OLS across town. I befriended her because she was nuts like me. Her? Turns out she just “used” me so she could meet Mike. Slut.


Whatever – she’s still my best bud even though she’s a user.( And she couldn’t keep her hands off the merchandise)  But I digress. Mike brought new blood to our weary group along with a really good quote to use…


Best phrase ever next to:


“Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden” was written on a blackboard outside our tent. We had droves of women who giggled over that sign and came in to shop.


Okay – wow – holy cow…I’ve written over 700 words on this post. Usually I have four – Here is my pink.  I suppose I can say whatever I want at this point – confess to murder, etc. because by now you have nodded off in total boredom from this drivel I’ve penned today! Would we do Round Top again? Comparing it to childbirth I think you forget those labor pains after a while.  Here’s a bunch more pictures on our Facebook page Oodles of Antiques.

Later gator!  xo Nancy