Friday, October 25, 2013

M Is For Moon

So…Lately I’m doing good if I update this blog once a month. I’m doing an altered tin swap and thinking it was due October 1st I finished it in September only to find out it wasn’t due until Nov 15th! 


Have you ever done one of these? I had not and it isn’t easy so I did a lot of griping and stressing.


It’s a starry moonlit night on the front. M…M is for moon. And do you know what happens during a crescent moon? Fairies wash their panties!


And hang them out to dry! Isn’t that tiny little fairy just the sweetest face thing?


She’s shy so she just peeks out the door.


Who knew this. Tiny yellow panties – you never would have known – hung out to  dry, among the leaves in this secluded place! Goodbye little fairy.



And some sad news. My friend MaryAnn has cancer and is undergoing chemo. MaryAnn hosts our Itty Bitty Book Club – one of my favorite things to do. Rhonda ( Rhondamum ) is putting together an IBB for MaryAnn and these are the two pages I made. The first one: She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away she adjusted her sails.  I know that MaryAnn has adjusted her sails and pray that she is on her way to being cancer free.



Here’s the second page for her…front and……


back….Love and luck.


This third page is for a collaborative book for an art auction for her. The back…and


  Keep a green bough in your heart – the singing bird will come. The front:


This is about as “fall-ish” as I can get right now.  Work in our living room is continuing and it’s a big giant mess so no decorations are out.  These projects are small scale and perfect to work on right now as I am still working on strengthening  my quad muscles.  Therapy is going great and most of it is in a giant heated pool which feels great and makes the rehab a bit easier.

Now I’m going to Beverly’s blog and check out all your Pink Saturday posts. xoxo Nancy

Friday, October 4, 2013

Vintage Market Faire

I wanted to show some pictures as we're setting up for the Vintage Market Faire that's...tomorrow. Yikes - no time for anything except pictures. Not even time to edit these so you may see bags of stuff that shouldn't be cords, windex, tags, beer cans so just ignore those! The gate opens Saturday at 9 a.m.

Lots of little welcomings along the winding drive back to  the barn.

This was taken's full of fabulous stuff now.

Getting the barn filled and filled and filled!

How about these gorgeous candelabras? Weddings anyone?

Gorgeous handmade quilts from Westfalia, TX


Oh yeah - lots of it.

How about this for some pink, Beverly at How Sweet the Sound

Lots of religious things.

Industrial. Oh yeah.

 If you're reading're all invited.!

xoxo Nancy