Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Past


1969  Before you could go to Target or Walmart and buy fake tombstones we had to build our own.  Look at that adorable boy – he's my 2 yr old!











We always made his costumes and he was so cute.  Here he is with his great grandparents on my way ahead of its time toile couch!

Halloween Past3

Then he grew up and became a werewolf and then Frankenstein and passed the werewolf costume to


his little brother.


Here's my little monsters together.


Well, they grew up and each had a son.  The two Brandons lived upstairs for a few years so I have tons of pictures of him….1996 - Tigger

  Halloween Past1 

1997 – He was Buzz Lightyear that year and I made a stuffed tigger looking out the window – he saw it and said  "that's me".      

Halloween Past2

1998 He was a cowboy

Halloween Past8a


Halloween Past7

a detective?

Halloween Past5

Creepy vampire

Halloween Past4

A pirate

Halloween Past6a

2005 A punk rocker

Halloween Past

2002 Then there's the little grandson – Q. He inherited a few costumes and of course I can't find my envelope with his pictures because I pulled them out 2 months ago to keep in a safe place and now I can't find them.

Halloween Past9

I feel so fortunate to have 2 sons and 2 grandsons…..considering I'm a nun!

me nun

Happy Halloween! xoxo Sister Nancy

31 Days Day 31!

Happy Halloween you Font Freaks!  Considering I managed to do about 21 days out of 31 days I guess that sort of makes me a font failure but as The Nester says…"it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" or in my case it doesn't have to be perfect to be mediocre!

So I leave you with this one last link…What The Font?!##  If  you have a font you can't identify save a picture of it, post it there at What The Font? and eventually you'll get an answer from a fellow font freak identifying it.

Thank you to all who sat in on this class….you all get a 4.0!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Days – Day 30

Well now at the end of this challenge I'm posting a link that would have been wonderful to know about on Day 1!!!  But I only just found it and I'm still learning all about it but it is a wonderful free download that makes it a lot easier to see what each font looks like without opening a folder and trying to remember what and where to find the font you want to use.

C Font Pro and you download it here.


Try it!  You'll like it!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Pink Halloween From Fancy Nancy

Last night I had bunco…I wasn't going to play but at the last minute a football game was cancelled so since the email said  come dressed for Halloween I was ready with my witch costume – which was upstairs – which was in a tub which I couldn't get. Which husband promised to get it but didn't? ahem So I dressed as my idol – Fancy Nancy.  Which webcam takes tiny pictures? My socks with bows and turquoise fancy shoes looked fabulous but I couldn't put my foot up on the bed or the computer on the floor but take my word for it they were fabulous!
I'm phobic lately about the camera and Not getting in pictures due to the camera adding like 10 or 50 lbs but what the heck it's Halloween! And which house has not one fall decoration out? And no lovely fall home tour pictures? Mine – so Happy Pink Saturday from Fancy Nancy – she loves to accessorize and she loves pink!
And for day 28 of the 31 Days Challenge here's something you can copy and make something with – a Dover Frame and some fancy fonts! Click on it to make it big - it's an 8 x 10 but will resize smaller.

or orange!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days Day 26


Okay – this is for you Mac users out there – both of you. haha – I know zero, zilch, nada about Mac computers but apparently it's different  than installing fonts on windows.  What ever your operating system is just type into your search engine "how do I install fonts on a mac?"   and you'll find zillions of tutorials on how to do it.  I just copied this one from ehow.

      • 1

        Close any open applications. This will help to minimize the chances of an application "sticking" when you install the fonts.

      • 2

        Open the disk or folder that contains the fonts you want to install.

      • 3

        Select the font suitcases for those that you want to add to your machine. When adding PostScript Type 1 fonts, also select the printer outline files.

      • 4

        Drag and drop the selected fonts into the Fonts folder which is in the Library folder.

      • 5

        Return to your application to use one of your new fonts.

    I looked for programs like Scrapbook Factory for Macs but couldn't find anything so if  you use one that's good share it with us.  There is some sort of windows conversion for Mac that you can install to run windows for certain programs and then you would have the best of both worlds or not!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days – day 25

What possessed me to attempt to join this challenge?  I'm having blogger's regret!  Posting something everyday for 31 days is far beyond my blogging ability but I'm limping along on the home stretch anyway!

Here's an invitation I made for a birthday party for a special girl, Isaiah.


I used an image from an old magazine cover.  This is how it started.


The kids bowling in costumes were about the cutest thing I've ever seen.


Who knew princesses had such bowling form?!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days – day 23

Okay kids….it's time for a….


Do you know why capital letters are called uppercase and small letters are referred to as lowercase?


Well – before computers (yes there was a time when we had no computers) there dwelled typesetters.  They had trays of letters that were put in order to form the words to be printed.  Lots and lots of letters.  They couldn't just throw them all in a big box and search and search so they stacked them in cases and stored them on a shelf.  The capital letters were shelved in the top case or upper case on the shelf and the small letters in the lower case.  Get it? Uppercase. Lowercase.

It really wasn't fair to throw a pop quiz at you soo… all get an…


Have a wonderful Sunday.  xo Nancy

Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink Dingbats

Hey – did you think I was talking about us? Pink Saturday people? Nooo – although there are a few Pink Dingbats among us – including yours truly!  No this is the font/dingbat I'm talking about – Sexy Rexy Smitten! You can download it here and then copy the key below.  They are just too cute for words!

Sexy Rexy Smitten


Any questions? Okay – I'll take a couple!

What is a dingbat?

A dingbat is the name given to a font which has pictures rather than the letters usually associated with the word font. There are many dingbat fonts available to choose from.

What is the difference between dingbats and wingdings?

Wingdings are the Windows version of dingbats.

And here is a coded message just for you!



Have fun with all this my fellow Pink Dingbats!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days – Day 19


Trick or Treat 2 Font

I can tell you how I download fonts but I think it's probably different for each version of windows and for a Mac I have no idea.  Anyway…

1. Download the font by clicking "download"

2. It will go into your downloads folder as a "zip" file

3. Unzip!

4. Go to your "Fonts" folder

5. Under "file" choose "add new font"

6. A new window will open – locate the font you downloaded and click add

7. Highlight and click install and it should show up in your fonts

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Homemaker Tag Along


The leaves of brown came tumbling down….so go the lyrics to September in the Rain and even though we had not one drop I decided to use the song anyway for my September tags.  Elizabeth started this tag-along last January and I've been on time every month until September when two of my friends daughters got married.


I did some hand lettering on this.  I thought I'd try a tag without the printing and stickers.  I used marker to color in the white tag and some "leafy" ribbon.   


As you can see I messed up the printing on the white tag so I'll be keeping that one.


October threw a party and we got rain!  The first we've had in 5 months so it was something to celebrate.  So many of our trees have died it looks like New England with the oranges and golds. Sadly though, they have died from lack of water.


Don't you love this little poem? October Gave A Party.  I used some chipboard flourishes that I'd salvaged from another project and some Dresden foil leaves and flowers.  I printed the poem and pumpkin together and printed "October" on brown heavy cardstock.


I'm so glad to get caught up on my tags.


Only two more months to go! This has been such a fun project this year. 


If the link is still up I'm heading over to Elizabeth's Bluebird Papercrafts to post my tags and see everyone else's. Happy Fall!

31 Days – Day 18

Despite my terrible phone photos, this was a great use of fonts.


Designed by my bff Barbara, and made by my godson Nick it made a perfect shower gift.  The letters are cut out and burnished onto an old window.


Advice to the newlyweds with a place for their picture.  This looked wonderful at the wedding reception.  Just for the evening it was backed with paper to make it easier to read at night.


I think they should offer these on Etsy.  I could think of a million things to put on here.

I've fallen down on the job of getting my posts up for 31 days.  Tomorrow I'll put up a link for some Halloween fonts. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Saturday - Pink Heals


Guardians of The Ribbon, dressed in pink fire suits, will drive pink fire trucks across the country every year to spread an awareness campaign supporting all women in their fight against cancer.


The Guardians bring the tour to help raise money and awareness for the non-profit entities that help women in their City and State. In addition, this non-profit supports and helps other non-profit programs raise money by bringing the pink fire trucks to various fund raisers to assist in the efforts at no charge to the organization.


As Guardians of The Ribbon, the goal is to spread the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” campaign until all are in pink shirts. Why? Because Pink Heals!


These men honor those who can no longer fight, stand with those who can fight and inspire those who watch.


Thanks to my good friend, Judy, who took these pictures for me.  What a perfect way to call attention to the fight against breast cancer…

and how perfect this is for an October Saturday.  Pink Heals…but then we already knew that, didn't we?

Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday.

xoxo Nancy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days Day 14

Here is a fabulous graphic font called…what else?   Old Car – download here at DaFont.  Save the key or you'll never figure out what is what.
Just about every other key is the filling station man at your service.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days - Day 12

Words to live by:


Graphics + fonts!  Combine them and you could write a book.  This is an illustration by Marie Angel, from  An Animated Alphabet.