Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey Turkeys! LOL - That's all I have to share today - turkeys -as I've had no time to do anything else so here's my little Gurley turkeys stopping by to wish you all a Happy November. They have the pettiest shade of irridescent pink on them and they're sooo old (from the 40's just like me!) I ran across these, too. My Hummels - well my version, anyway. They're also candles and they are just the cutest

things with just a touch of pink here and there.Beverly at How Sweet the Sound hosts this little pink get together each Saturday and has a list of all the blogs going pink for the day so be sure and visit them all! Thanks for stopping by! Nancy

Monday, October 27, 2008

October Threw A Party!

October - abolutely one of my favorite months is soon coming to an end. Even though I love halloween and fall I'm happy to take one step closer to Christmas since I've been working on all things fall since August! In looking back I realized that for once I actually got a lot of projects accomplished! So to wrap up October here's a look back....
A memory ring for a 100 year old man! Finding new ways to package old ephemera. I love these little helpers. Have to make sure a few bird houses are done.
I was thrilled to be invited into a group of paper artists travel journal book I love working poetry into whatever I'm doing.
I've never tried a fairy door so this was new. Inspiration from Artsy Mama's group prompted this little house.
I'd never done a tussie mussie and loved making and filling this.
A fall pumpkin I sewed.
And this grouping is a favorite. This little doll case started out like
And with a bit of work ended up like this. I'm so happy it went to such a good home!
I love rescuing something from the trash heap and giving it new life! Yep, I think blogging and swaps and flicker has challenged a lot of us to find new ways to create. I guess I'm one who needs a deadline and feedback to get productive - so thanks to all of you who have been an inspiration! Nancy

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pink Saturday

I wasn't going to do Pink Saturday today but what the heck...I have a few pink pictures from the Antique Gallery!


located in Round Rock,Texas on I35


and there's touches of pink just everywhere on this aisle and a space away is this...


little space and guess what???


It's going to be ours so for the next week or so we'll be working away trying to get it all fixed up.

When it's done, I'll have all of you pinkies in for a Grand Pink Opening!

Meantime, have fun on your tour of pink starting at Beverly's How Sweet the Sound.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pink Saturday with A Fanciful Twist

withIt's a Vanessa, Beverly and me!

Now this is the costume I've decided to wear to the party today! Do you recognize it? You saw it in Somerset and it was made by the famous artist....our Fanciful Twist hostess Vanessa. I've used this completely without her permission so let's get on with the party before she realizes it's been stolen from her blog!!!

It's time to begin

So glad you could stop by my Humble abode

where the roof's made of glitter and the pumpkins

grow pink!

No need to knock

Just open the door

A Pink BOO will greet you!

And lucky for you - you arrived just in time

For a fanciful tea and a little pink rhyme!

We wish you Pink Blessings

And bid you adieu.

Now go visit Vanessa and Beverly TOO!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Fanciful Twist on Halloween's almost time for A Fanciful Twist's Halloween party!! She throws magical parties and they are verrrry exclusive. However you too are invited. Just click on the link over there-> It's sure to be mysterious and spooky so Lilly has already planned to go as a witch.
I'm deciding if I should go as a Senorita......or an
exotic belly dancer. HMMM - I just don't think I have the stomach for it.
I'm inspired by this Label, but it's just not me so I may just go as this
plain old veggie label.
I think it's me don't you???

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


You guys - this is awful news. I just read on my Flickr group that the greedy publishing group who publishes ME Home Companion is going to discontinue it!!##**! at first I thought it was a hoax but it's TRUE. Home Companion is the magazine that freed us from conventional decorating...Mary's the one who hung quilts and linens instead of drapes at the windows. She gave us checks and cherries! Before Home Companion I remember finding the hard to find "Chair of Bowlies" dishtowel and making a pillow out of it because there just wasn't much out there. She may not be doing checks and cherries because she continues to evolve - always new ideas so why the heck are they stopping publication. This is a link to her website. Just wanted to let you guys know because...well you know...misery loves company. ........ Nancy

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pink Saturday

Eek! It's Pink Saturday again and I don't know about you but it's getting a bit harder to find Pink around the house - especially in October! Lucky for me, LaVerne was my partner for the Sweet and Sinister swap. It was supposed to be black and white with a touch of orange - but thank goodness LaVerne is such a "Maverick" and snuck in a whole lotta pink!
This vintage pink hanky box was loaded with all sorts of seam binding and punches and cool letters she made. It had this beautifully faded old silk flower on it. And a little box of pink drawers (not undies, silly) topped with this grand pink pin and filled with really creepy skull buttons.
Here's a card I'm holding of a picture of LaVerne, Barbara,and Judy.The pitiful thing about these captions....that's just about how our real conversations go!Bless her heart - Look at these Crown Royal bags she included. She drank FIVE bottles just so I could have bags with my "R" initial on them.
She made this fabulous welcome banner that looks incredible on this tapestry I have.
And included this paper lantern plus a purple one.
And for my birthday she brought these beautiful pink flowers along with all this pink spooky halloween stuff.
I'd say as friends go, she is:
Beverly at How Sweet the Sound host's Pink Saturday every week (in case you have been on Mars and didn't already know this!!) So stop over and see what everyone has in store for you this week. Now, I've got to enter this in my computer and head out for a manicure!