Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Block Party!

Paper Cowgirl here we come. Barbara and LaVerne (above) and Judy left New Braunfels to pick me up.

First - we had to celebrate LaVerne's and my birthday with the cutest little cake....

and then load up the car! Oh dear, this is going - you'd think we'd save a little room for the return trip! (This is LaVerne squeezing in one more sack)Since Judy and Barbara didn't have a Fantasy Blog pink cadillac to decorate they decided to decorate the real thing!!! Are we big dorks or what?
We didn't even make it around the block before stopping at my neighbors house for their four times a year sale!!! Okay - we better check it out.
Stuff was everywhere. Diane's house is absolutely wonderful.
They have a space at Ooh La La and a home sale four times a year with really wonderful things.
Here's another sweet neighbor, Herbert, waiting patiently for his wife to finish shopping! He's a farmer and every fall he hangs some of his dried corn on our neighborhood fences!These gals, Belinda and Jill, have this Chateau Chic stuff sooo organized. Pay here......while Diane wraps up everything here, which is what I need to do!Wrap this up for today! Just think tomorrow is October. Where does the time go????

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pink Saturday

YeeHaw - It's finally here. I'm off to......with my buddies LaVerne, Judy and Barbara so here's my contribution for Pink Saturday. Gotta post this early so..........
Be back Sunday - meantime stop over at Beverly's for all the pinkness you can possibly stand!!! Y Nancy

Friday, September 19, 2008

Remembering Galveston

For Pink Saturday I thought I would use the opportunity to remember Galveston - that beautiful city on the Gulf....and pause to remember the people of Galveston and all the Gulf Coast residents. Galveston was home to lush foliage - beautiful pink oleanders and bougainvillas. I know that these will be replanted and it won't take long for them to replace the lost ones. Ahh, but the majetic palms there will
take a much longer time. Growing up in a tropical paradise similar to Galveston the streets of my hometown were lined with gorgeous palms like these and we lost most of them to disease a few years ago. I'm sure that those trees lost to Ike's fury will be replanted but, like McAllen, they won't be this majestic in my lifetime. What a beautiful memory. The Blessing of the Ships - a wonderful tradition.

Beautiful old churches and historical buildings.
Maybe these were spared.
One of our online friends, Sarah at Gypsy Mermaid Life, lost her home to the hurricaine and my heart goes out to her. Let's keep all the Gulf Coast folks in our prayers. And may Our Lady of the Seas watch over them.Nancy

Thanks Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting Pink Saturday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Birthday Party

Yep. Today's my birthday so I'm having a party for myself. Wow - another excuse to fool around on polyvore! Also, my playlist got corrupted so for your listening pleasure I'm putting up my Sixties Supergirls "private" playlist until my other one gets fixed. Then that made me decide to share some of my private emails. I'll explain.

I ran across this postcard online while looking for something else the other night.

So I sent it to my three best yaya friends and said......
I saw this and got so homesick - well homesick for this McAllen. I could go see my Dad when he waved at me from the marquee window at the Palace or shop at Anthonys and send my money upstairs through the tube - maybe buy a Miss Pat dress at the Advance shop. If I could go back I'd also go to Woolworths and buy every Millinery flower and plastic santa in the store. What would you guys do?
This is what I got back.
Well, I would go to Jones and Jones for a chicken salad sandwich and POTATO SALAD, which I loved...they ran it through a ricer not a dicer and it was different from any I have ever had...I would take rubbings of the beautiful stone full of fossil shells on that old building ...I might treat myself to hand blended powder at the make-up counter...they kept powder formulas on file and made each to order... I would go down to Valley Merc and stand at the very corner where you could do the mirror magic acrobatics in the glass reflection...I would go into Anthony’s to smell it to check my scent recall...I can still “picture smell” the oil-sawdust they cleaned the floors with...I think it smelled like Murphy’s Oil Soap...I would certainly hit the dime stores...Woolworth, McClellans, there was one more downtown that I don’t remember the name...and then head out to Winn’s...(I came across something with an old Winn’s price tag the other day and I just got the biggest lump in my throat),,,I would buy velvet leaves, flower bunches, and cards of buttons
I’d get a cherry Coke at the downtown City Drug and some time head for Forgy’s cafe where you could get a grilled hot dog and a root beer from a real wooden barrel ...I would go to Mr. De la Cross’s Cafe at Hoover’s Paradise for a slice of Chocolate Pie, the likes of which I have never had again...I would go in late Feb or early March when the citrus was blooming and the whole Valley smelled like the Garden of Eden...O.K., now I’m good and era-homesick for the hometown of my memories...Back to reality and today’s task which is to take Mother back to her apartment at Argent Court and get her settled. Thanks for the diversion...LaVerne who had a 18 or 19” waist back in the day

I would tell my mom that I was going to walk to the Palace and get my 25 cents to get in...then I would take my 25 cents and sneak over to the Queen and getin for 20 cents and use the nickel to buy popcorn and a coke. I would make sure that I had a napkin to put on the back of the seat so I didn't get ringworms.I would go buy cheese enchiladas at the White Kitchen. I would go swimming at the Casa...I think that might have been the last time I went swimming. I would go ride the escalator at Anthony's right after my money went up the tube. I would go to Sears and buy candy in the center of the store...my most of my memories involves eating....while I'm at it I would go to Jones and Jonesfor an Apple Dumpling with ice cream on top. I would go to Puryears and get that hugely, fabulous, gay guy to measure my foot and buy some shoes. I am really tired and I am going to go back to sleep...way to much memory lane for now....Before I go to bed I will go down one more lane and go to the Palms drive-in to see a movie or maybe the Buckhorn to see the wild animals and play on the swings or even to the Cactus to smell the stinky bathroom. Goodnight sweetheart well it's time to go..da-da-de-dada.....goodnight sweetheart well I hate to go....I hate to leave you but I really must go....Goodnight sweetheart Goodnight, Barbara(I just wrote this whole note without glasses not because I was on memory lane and I didn't wear glasses then but because I'm tooooo lazy to go get some.)

I too-o have memories of the same things. Mom would drop us off on the side of the Palace and we would run in and usually step in gum or maybe sit in it because someone dropped it from the balcony. But it was ok because it just happened every time so it was part of the experience. Then, we would go to Harry's and drop off a pair of shoes to be repaired because Barbara bought so many shoes from the flame at Puryears that I had to wear her old ones! If it was a Saturday we might go down to A and W and get a root beer float!! Can't you just taste the foam on top?? Their hamburgers weren't bad either. Or, on a summer afternoon we would go with the Waugh's to play miniature golf and eat watermelon, and I don't even like watermelon, but I guess I did then. Probably overdosed one day. These are a few of my favorite things...memories from the corners of my mind...yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away!!! Need I go on. Judy

What a gift to have lifetime friends with long ago memories to share. So what are some of your memories. Indulge me and yourself - share some!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Heart Halloween


Could this be considered digital scrapbooking? I hope so because then I'm learning a new skill/technique. If not then oops, another timewaster except it's just sooo much fun.


I've completed my 20 items to send to Rachel for the oh so fabulous French themed Halloween swap. It's quite a big undertaking but all 20 "secret" items and "sweet treats" are wrapped, decorated, and tagged and MAILED! Would you like a teeny sneak peek? Okay - just a little one:That's it. No more and don't cheat and lift up that ribbon! I thought this would be cute and not too much work. WRONG. it involved about 30 steps! I hope my swap sisters like it and I just can't wait to see what everyone came up with. I haven't been this excited about Halloween since I was 6! What fun - I'll be getting 20 handcrafted gifts and 20 treats and better yet - I trust this group completely and won't even have to get it


X & O's Nancy

Monday, September 8, 2008

Halloween Craft Projects!

Enough about BOOBs already! Let's talk about CRAFTS! This is a "Crafty" little page after all!!!

I just finished this little project. The poem is adorable and I was dying to find somewhere to use it. So I used an old 45 record, a beautiful ghostly face and a few flowers and embellishments. Hope you can read the poem here....... These are new in my Etsy store. There's room to tuck a teabagunder the "Witches Brew Tea" label. I love making these!This is a little understated and a great use for these collectible hangers. These kids are just too much fun - trying to scare you - aren't they cute??? All of these projects are in my etsy store.

My pages for the Itty Bitty Book club Halloween swap.
A fairy door I made for my swap partner LaVerne using a scrabble box top, tiles and holder with........ another adorable poem! "The Fairies Washed Their Panties".
I just listed this pumpkin on ebay if you are in need of a Midwest Importers Doorknocker Topper. They quit making these are few years ago and are really hard to find. And just look at this! My hubby has been busy, also working away in the shed! He refinished and painted these great corner cupboards for our mythical antique store space! There's two of these but he only took ONE picture of ONE cupboard - saving the digital FILM he thinks!
Well enough stuff for now. I actually have more stuff I need to take pictures of.

PS = If you just can't get enough of that "Boob Fairy" song it's still there on my playlist to click on!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pink Saturday

Uh oh - here it is Friday night and I had nothing - zip - nada for Pink Saturday. I haven't posted anything all week either since I have been a busy bee getting my swap stuff ready. Then I remembered my Itty Bitty Pink Book page (inspired by Rachel last week!) and it can count as a pink post AND I won't even have to change the Boob Fairy song yet! (Besides - you guys and your comments have been hysterically funny and you just made my week!) Plus - it's my Public Service Announcement for you. Don't forget to........ All 26 pages ready to mail!
(Tell me I don't have to explain 2nd base to you!LOL)
Here's the real website - save 2nd base. It was started by a brave woman who lost a lot to breast cancer but refused to let it take her sense of humor.
Do you guys get mammograms on a regular basis? I'm guilty of putting this off so I'm going to schedule one for October.
Have a wonderful week. Nancy
Now go tell all the other pink posters at Beverly's place to get their mammogram!