Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Bunnies

I never did get around to sharing any of my Easter things last week so before it all gets put away here are a few of my favorite things.


I love all my little bunnies. This one from my best friend a few years ago -


and this one from my sister in law last year – made of hydrangea petals.


This is new to me this year – a Lefton piece from the '50s.  For some reason I have developed a passion for these adorable pieces made in Japan mid century.  It's like they jumped right out of the cute cards we love so much.


We had a wonderful Easter dinner – in the yard! I completely forgot to take any pictures beforehand but here's one when almost everything is put away.


I absolutely don't want to sell this set – I loved having dinner outside like this so I'm trying to convince my husband to keep it and just store it between uses!  Hopefully we'll get the bed planted with flowers soon. Crazy weather everywhere though. Droughts, tornados and wildfires – I hope you were safe and had a wonderful Easter wherever you were. 

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.  Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Nancy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Fashions Through The Years Sit.up.straight. Sigh….


Amidst all the hopping and wiggling I finally got the gang together!  Now aren't they cute?  Chicks and bunnies, old and new gathered together for a family portrait.  Don't you think they'll thank me someday when they remember the days when they all lived together?  Easter pictures – it's a tradition for all of us…. don't you love it?  New clothes and egg hunts!

1954?  Jeff…aka Columbo  and sisters Judy and Joan

easter 19551

1956.  - My big sister and me.  New dresses always made by Mother of dotted swiss or some frilly ruffled fabric and always a new hat and shoes.  Sisters

1958?  Jeff and Joan with Granny showing off new Easter shoes!

Easter 1957?

Zoom - Easter 1968  A new generation.  Now I'm the one taking the Easter pictures and in charge of new hats and shoes.


1969 one year later a new hat, a new outfit even a new Easter car!


1970 All dressed up heading for the egghunt!


1972 HA - Choosing my own hats now! New outfits and a new brother on the way!  It's Easter so white purses and shoes are permitted! lol


Two years later  One of mine is already out of the Easter outfit…much to the aggravation of Greg aka Tucker Carlson!  Not only am I not taking a ton of pictures – I've begun to recycle Easter outfits!


This is more like it …no hats – old shoes – no pants for one of us – Easter with the cousins at Granny's house.


1998 - 23 years later….the next generation! Brandon's little Brandon aka the Bjer!

Easter 1998

1999 - The annual egg hunt in McAllen -  Barbara and the Bjer….. Cascarones!!!

Brandon and Barbara

Happy Easter!!!!

Joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sick Sick Sick

sewing girl

This is what I'm doing right now – sewing felt cherries on my bra…my Relay For Life auction bra, goof ball…not the one I'm not wearing right now! Since we're having a huge yard sale on Saturday I've been moving stuff and my back went out and since my back went out I took medicine and when I got up this morning I was sick and dizzy from the meds.  I don't think I'm going to make it tonight – my bra will have to represent me! I love working at Relay – it's the best fundraiser ever. My team captain, Candy, works so hard and it's supposed to be really cold tonight and our group is down this year and I'm pooping out and there they will be in with the freezing wind whipping them around and I feel awful every which way.   The winds are roaring outside at about 35 mph and we can't finish setting things up for the yard sale.  I could at least lie in the recliner and direct. So what am I doing? Finishing my bra waiting on the glued on fringe to dry and posting on here.

Here's what we've done so far this week…

Painted a worthless sign but someone not me wanted this.

DSCN7536 Made big signs for the corner


Here's the shed with dirty windows but I've got pink flowers!

Yard Sale

Inside one end ( sorry – the outhouse behind the screen is Closed)


Chippy old shelves with


A set of darling old counting cakes.


The fancy


DSCN7512  One tent


Another tent


The  whole mess!


We have tons of tubs of stuff to put out and lots of quilts and linens but it's just too windy.  If you live in central Texas we're in Old Town Pflugerville if you'd like to come. Email me and I'll send you the address – you can come help clean and decorate too and then shop! haha  I have lots of pink things!


Anyway – back to my bra – what do you think? For a name?

Here's a little ME girl leaving home:  "A Good Foundation"?


"Remember"? "A Cup of Kindness – Get a Mammogram"?  I had another part of the transfer that said "Remember" so I ironed that onto some cotton knit and sewed it on.

relay bra

I tried ironing on a tshirt transfer and the middle didn't transfer so I had to make a remembrance ribbon to disguise the big screwup!  I made a hanger to match just to make up for it!  I do love the raggy shoulder straps.. 


and I see a whole bunch of threads I need to clip and I lots of little details to finish…on the bra not the yard sale!  Have a wonderful weekend.  xoxo Nancy

I'm joining Sue Love Cherries for Rednesday.  How could I not???

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday and you should, too! 

For your listening pleasure I'm putting "The Boob Fairy" #1 on my playlist – seems appropriate, huh?  You have to push play though.



Friday, April 8, 2011

April Happy Homemaker Tags

June 10, 2011...Is this cheating? Recycling a post from April? Nah.  I really wanted to join Stephanie's Wedding Party and I didn't get the Wedding Display done in my store so I'm linking to a post done a couple of months ago.  Thank you Stephanie!

In my year long "Year of Celebrations" theme I decided that for April we'd celebrate weddings!  I was married in April and even though my partner Scrap for Joy was married in July we're going to celebrate anyway!!!  Do  you need an engraved invitation?  Well here it is!
You can't see it but the year is 1909 and we've been married 102 years – okay not really. 1965…Just as long almost!
When I got married we had a wedding about 3 weeks in the planning and that's a link to why!  I had a silk brocade knee length sleeveless dress with a matching jacket.  We never got any of our pictures from the "photographer" and this is one of about three we have.  So what the heck – I'm giving myself quite the long ruffle-y skirt and Jeff gets a top hat and fancy pants! And we have a photographer!!!! 
As you can see I've used the same elements on both cards but they're laid out slightly different. The same red headed photographer did both weddings!
This is how I initially lay out my tag to get the right proportions and print the elements I want to use.  This is done in Scrapbook Factory – a program that is easy to use and has a lot of features.  The blue is the exact size of our tags and I can adjust everything to fit like I'll want it.
I used original German Scrap pictures for both tags.  Joyce can replace the little couple with one of her wedding photos. Here's what they look like before cutting them.  I carry these in my etsy store and they don't cost much so I used originals. 
But I digress…. here is my tag for April.
What a coincidence.  My husband and Mr. Scrap for Joy wore the same pants!!!
On the back of the tag there we are leaving…on our way to becoming "Happy Homemakers"!!!!
Thanks for stopping and I'll see you in May!!!  xoxo Nancy

Thursday, April 7, 2011


The Snowbunnies caused a ruckus this week.  They're normally quiet but they just sense when Easter's on its way.  So out they came.  Down the stairs…


out of their little boxes and under a big giant cloche!  Do you know why?  Well – Snowbunnies are really just Snowbabies all dressed up in little bunny suits.


They would just melt away!  Sigh…is there anything cuter???  Actually, yes!


Lillie Louise and Iris!  Aren't they darling?  They're so sweet and so alike and so different.

Lillie and Iris

Lillie assumes you've come to adore her and bring her treats and poor Iris assumes that you've come to eat her!  Poor girl – she takes on every ones worries!  She's always up for a treat and once she finds that you've not come to kill  her she's about as determined as Lil to get more treats and more petting!


Shhh – did you notice how quiet it is here?  I've set the playlist to not come on automatically.  I've always figured if anyone was annoyed they just wouldn't come here and that's okay.  However – the thing I do find distracting is going from one blog to another and hearing two playlists at once!  So anyway it's there for the listening if you want!  See you Sunday for the Happy Homemaker get together! 

Today I'm joining:

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Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday

Have a wonderful weekend.  xoxo Nancy