Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blog Neglect

Happy day after Thanksgiving…Black Friday….Pink Saturday…  I have certainly neglected this blog lately.  This is pretty much how I spent yesterday. Last week I caught an awful cold and just when I thought it was going to get better…wham. It settled in my chest. So other than making a cranberry salad I didn’t cook anything.  Jeff cooked the turkey, mashed potatoes, stovetop stuffing – yuk but I wasn’t eating it anyway – and some yams. No vegetables! And three of us ate on trays in the living room. He also made three pumpkin pies and something went wrong because one taste and they all went straight into the trash!


I haven’t a clue what went amiss because I wasn’t even supervising!  Fortunately we had a backup apple pie that was delicious.  After spending most of the day holed up with my steamy vaporizer I wandered out of the bedroom to watch a little of the Longhorn/Texas Tech game with the boys.  Looks like it’s a win for the Longhorns.  Lilly Louise was unable to stay awake for the game even though she is a Longhorn fan.


As you can sort of see the living room is not finished but I have high hopes it might be before Christmas. I hope you had a happy (and healthier than me) Thanksgiving. I’m going to join Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday and hopefully visit some of you guys.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Dia de los Muertos

I’m not a huge fan of the Dia de los Muertos stuff but I did a sampler swap a few years ago with a friend who is…


this is my pink rendition of a sugar skull.  I do like the idea of a day of remembering and paying tribute to those who have passed on. If I remembered my sister I’d have to leave cigarettes on her shrine. She was a tiny thing and smoked since her teen years.  And….that is what killed her. Lung cancer. Seven years ago this month. And….I miss her a lot.  She lost a lot of weight for no reason. Her doctor checked tons of things and couldn’t find a reason.  He didn’t do a chest xray.  By the time she went to a different doctor who did a chest xray first thing…it was too late.  She lived 9 months after she was diagnosed, dying the week of Thanksgiving.  Enough about that.




Did you have any trick or treaters? We had absolutely none! My house must look forbidding this year as I have no fall or Halloween decorations out.  Here’s my little witch who never made it out of the attic this year wishing you all a


belatedly happy Halloween and a Happy Pink Saturday!!!