Saturday, January 29, 2011

Take Time to Find The Pink

Honestly – I've got to get a little more pink back in my life!  (Time – pink = Pink Saturday – Pink Pictures +  no time = 0 blog posts!)


That's a lousy equation, right?  So I searched and managed to find a "fraction" of pink.  This is the incredible piece that went into The Roost yesterday.  It's my favorite piece of all time and there's no chance of keeping it because I don't have one single place it fits in my house!


This baby is huge and has such an interesting part in the middle. 


See how each part slides up? What do you think it's for?  Any experts out there?  Eileen at the mall thought the smaller board was a bread board for cutting and I think she's right.  My theory  is the slatted part pulled out to sit the bread on to cool.  


I hope you are having a wonderful pink weekend.  If you need more…stop by Beverly's at How Sweet The Sound and add some!  xoxo Nancy

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Saturday Jewel Box

One more thing I got this week was this wonderful giant pink jewelry case.  I'm amazed at the quality and size of this thing.



It has drawers and doors and lids and mirrors and cases and secret places.  


It even came with the key to lock it all up.  Goodwill has gotten really pricey on the dumbest things…normally they would put this in one of their "auctions"  but every so often something slips through…like this for $4.99!


Going in The Roost, however.  I can't keep it all even though I try!  :)

I'm joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday today.  Stop by to visit her and see all the Pink Blogs.  Be sure and go see Jany over at Look In The Nook.  She makes wonderful tags and things and something really nice – she usually has a download to share with us.  Last Saturday she had some gorgeous tags that she shared – all you have to do is…Go Look In The Nook!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrifty Finds By The Pound

What a day today!  A trip to Goodwill Hunting (my name for the Goodwill Outlet store) was certainly a success.  This is where they send stuff that doesn't sell in regular GW stores.  Don't be fooled by this orderly picture  - this is the new outlet before it opened.  Everything is thrown into these bins and it is crawling with people.  A lot of people wear gloves because they'll throw a heavy vacuum on top of wineglasses.  Honestly – I don't know why I go there sometimes.  It's all the way across town now as opposed to the old outlet that was 15 minutes away.   Gripe, gripe, gripe…and then I find good stuff!166249_178183625554937_128817527158214_393356_316137_n

First up is this darling gingerbread house.


Now is the time to pick up stuff for next Christmas.  I found this old, old plastic wreath.    Everything is in big troughs and you dig through.  It's not for sissies by any means.


There were a lot of these snowmen but I only got one.  It's new but so cute.  I loved this tin also and then I found an old sack of birds.

DSCN6171  Little brown ones and…   


faded old red birds.  Love them. And the Santa tin.birds 1

This metal pedestal dish with a metal bird, and yes all these little wooden German figures and tree.


I always pick up conch shells when I see them…a hammered aluminum tray, a broken clock and just because it made me smile that goofy little sunshine!DSCN6180    Whatever this stuff is it's great for repurposing for crafts – it's little mirrors sandwiched on clear line.


Yards of this oilcloth – just could not believe it! Brand new!


A tin, a fall topper, another wreath and that cowboy fabric is a shirt…soon to be just fabric!


This is my favorite find of the day.  Heavy, custom made, cotton duck slipcovers which happen to fit my chairs perfectly.


And there were four of them.  Amazing! 


I got this earlier this week at a regular GW store – an embroidered lampshade. 


You know I actually have more but I think this post is long enough already!  Now to get everything organized.   And then decide just what I'm willing to part with.  Definitely not the slipcovers!  :)

I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday and

Leigh at Thrifty Thursday because I think I was really thrifty today.  By the way….all this stuff $1.39 per pound! I had about 30 lbs.!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pink Saturday Gifts and Crafts

Well……. my friend went to Europe and all I got was this…   Fabulous Necklace!!!  Isn't it beautiful?  The friend?  You all know her – LaVerne at Riverside Studios – and like the rest of us she knows life is just sweeter with a little pink in it.  Artist made lampwork beads on a rosary like chain – it's just breathtaking.


But wait there's more as Billy Mays would say! Not one, not two but six rolls of gorgeous paper.  All I said was…"bring me some paper".  These papers are so vibrant and have about every color of the rainbow.  I'm going to make a point to use them rather than "saving" them hidden away in a drawer.  The card is a picture LaVerne took of a mosaic entering the Sistene Chapel.  DSCN6152

Thanks, LaVerne – it's all too much…well, not really!  It's just right!

While Christmas still hangs around my house I'm forging ahead working on Valentines, some things for Paper Cowgirl, my tags for the January TagAlong  and a sampler for A Swap For All Seasons.  Want a sneak peak?  Not of the house, silly!  The valentines!   I can't show you until they're mailed out!


I'm almost done!  Ahead of time.  Hopefully this weekend I'll be home and be able to visit some of my blog friends.  Like Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.  Don't you love the new McLinky she's using – it's so much easier to visit everyone now.  Have a wonderful weekend.  xoxo Nancy

Friday, January 7, 2011

January Tag Along Tutorial

It's a new year and time for some new projects so I'm joining Elizabeth at Bluebird Papercrafts for her year long Happy Homemaker Tag Along.  Being the Happy Homemaker that I am my theme for the year will be "Twelve Months of Celebrations".  Rather than using the little known holiday…New Years Day…I went with the ever popular Hot Tea Month!  At the end of the year we will keep one set of tags and trade one set with a partner.  Elizabeth has asked us to give a little insight into what we used and how we created our tags.  Of course what is a tag without a little PINK so I'm also linking to Beverly's Pink Saturday.  So without further ado….here's my tutorial.  I'm sure I left out some steps.  The Brown Eyed Girl image was available a long time ago on someone's blog and I couldn't find it :(  The other images are available on Flickr.  If you want a really good tutorial then go to Elizabeth's blog – she is a master paper artist and has wonderful tutorials.  Don't click on the arrow just on the picture and you can go to YouTube and click to watch full screen…you are dying to see this HUGE aren't you???

I'm linking to Beverly's Pink Saturday and   Bluebird Papercrafts.

Have a wonderful, creative weekend. xoxo Nancy