Friday, October 30, 2009

A Merry Halloween

I’m in love with this booth at the mall where The Roost is located.  This talented lady paints roses on everything and her booth is mainly Pink.


No matter what the season or holiday…Pink is on everything!


Next year I think all of my pumpkins will be pink!


With Pink feathers and flowers!

DSC08913Happy Pink Halloween to all my pink blogger friends and to Beverly who hosts our little get together every week! 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Be Good To Your Boobs!

Seems as if I'm in the same boat as last it is Friday night and I have nothing! But since it is October and that is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I’m recycling a post from last year:


Uh oh - here it is Friday night and I had nothing - zip - nada for Pink Saturday. I haven't posted anything all week either since I have been a busy bee getting my swap stuff ready. Then I remembered my Itty Bitty Pink Book page and it can count as a pink post AND I won't even have to change the Boob Fairy song yet! That post is here. (That post is here) (Besides - you guys and your comments have been hysterically funny and you just made my week!) Plus - it's my Public Service Announcement for you. Don't forget to........ All 26 pages ready to mail! (Tell me I don't have to explain 2nd base to you!LOL) Here's the real website - save 2nd base. It was started by a brave woman who lost a lot to breast cancer but refused to let it take her sense of humor. Do you guys get mammograms on a regular basis? I'm guilty of putting this off so I'm going to schedule one for October.

Have a wonderful week. Nancy
Now go tell all the other pink posters at Beverly's place to get their mammogram!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Witchy Woman

That’s me…I have a thing for witches. I mainly like the good ones….


Like this goofy little gal.


This large flying witch with the moon is about my favorite.


One thing they all seem to have in common??? They all wear fabulous




I’m supposed to be downsizing Halloween, but it looks like I’m restocking. Oh well!!!!

Nancy – The No Will Power Witch

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pink Spells

I wasn't going to put out much fall or Halloween stuff this year but something came over me this week. I especially was not going to buy anything related to Halloween but at a Ballet Austin fundraiser last Saturday night I found myself powerless over this little witch. Come closer...

That's right...closer

She's just the sweetest little witch from the tip of her nose to her...
tiny jeweled toes.
This explains it!

I think the answer lies in her tiny pink hand...she cast a pink spell on me. Well, what better spell to be under than a PINK spell.

Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound who holds us "spellbound" every Saturday!

For a fun blog to visit I think you'll enjoy a visit to Fi Fi's tres magnifique!

Have a Bewitching Saturday! xoxo Nancy

Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn’s Coppery Pinks

  Have you ever noticed how much pink is in copper?DSC09131That’s what I see anyway…this sari that I bought at Round Top is such a pretty pink with a coppery gold woven in.DSC09138 I found this darling frame at Goodwill and put one of my favorite poems in it. (Too bad the rest of the months weren’t there!)DSC09132

Even October leaves look Pretty in Pink…don’t you think???DSC09133

I hope you are having a most perfectly pink October day.  Now I’m off to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound to see who’s pink today.


And then I have an important party to attend for my favorite four year old…Z!

xoxo Fancy Nancy

PS:  My recommendation for a PS blog to visit is Collect in Texas Gals Blog.  She’s an expert on the’60s and reading through some past posts I discovered we’re in the same antique mall at the Gruene Flea!  Small world, huh?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rain Rain Stay Awhile

What a perfect day to stay home and get a few things done.  Fuss around the kitchen…and watch the rain while I do it.


Finish organizing some shelves.DSC08935

Make some labels so I don’t open every box looking for something.DSC08933

Take some pictures and get my package ready to mail for a swap.  I’m a few days late but I wanted to wait until after I went to Round Top.Sweet&Sinister09

  Which was a perfect day by the way.DSC09059

I hope you’re having a perfect day.  What’s your ideal way to spend a rainy Sunday???


Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday and welcome to the Sheltie Show! I know you're just dying to see more pics of Lillie Louise so here you go. Thanks to Beverly for hosting this little film festival!

Be sure and click the little speaker to hear a tune that will be in your head for days!!!