Thursday, August 30, 2012

September 1st -

"There comes a time when autumn asks,
What have you been doing all summer?"

Well,  Here it is September 1st and just as planned I’m back on the blog.  My plan was to get my house organized and load up my online stores.  Did I do it? Sort of. I put a few things on Etsy and did about forty listings on Ebay.  Ebay wasn’t for me – I listed a boatload of baskets for my niece who was selling her Longeberger basket collection.  I organized my craft room/dining room several times! Jeff kept spreading his stuff out and I’d start over again. When my grandson came home from Oklahoma it was in good enough shape to have them for dinner.  I was feeling pretty good about my progress and  then my son told me he thought  it looked like one of those upside down rooms at the circus!  Crap! I need to move.  I need a room with closets and a house with no upstairs and downstairs. 

I was busy with some swaps and baby gifts, however.  So…want to see what I did? Okay here goes.

Paper Cowgirl Group had a Summer Postcard Travel Swap.

The first month we went to Africa so here’s my postcard for me, for the auction, and for my partner, Kristi, The Junk Buying Queen, who has a fabulous antique store – Checkered Past in San Antonio.



Then July was a trip to the orient and again  I made three cards.




And finally we headed back home stopping by the circus on the way! Three more cards and a little extra for my partner - the Fabulous Suzie Button.

acrobat girl vintage image graphicsfairy007d










I worked in three books of my Circle Journal Group.

Kathy’s book….



Jeanne’s “Ha” journal – boy was this fun finding some ha moments!


Ha Circle Journal-003Ha Circle Journal-011 Ha Circle Journal-012  

and Beverly’s Christmas Past Journal.  I did my own McAllen Main St. memories!

DSCN0961DSCN0974  DSCN0971 

At this point I should stop with the pictures or I’ll have nothing to blog/blather about and I’ll have to go back to working on my clutter. 

So I’ll show the rest later.


I stepped outside early this morning and it was…coooolllllll! Dare we hope that fall is on the way?  That’s why I love September – there’s always a chance that a cool front will blow through. And better than that – Longhorn football season is here. Yay! And even betterer than that – my grandson’s Cedar Ridge Raider football team hits the scene as the first senior class, 1st year 5A  football team.  Friday Night Lights.  Double Yay! First game Friday night!


I’ve missed my Pink Saturday blog buddies so I’m joining up with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for her Labor Day Celebration. And speaking of Labor Day put those white shoes away all you fashionistas! (And if you’re in Maine, remember – NO ice tea aftah Labah Day!)

I hope your summer was fabulous and you had an exotic, lengthy vacation but aren’t you glad that it’s over?

So there you go – adios summer – hello fall and hi to my faithful readers…both of you!

xoxo Nancy