Thursday, June 5, 2014

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Yes - sadly there are several things coming to an end.  My computer - a corupt file uploaded to my computer from ... of all McAfee program.  It completely wiped out wireless detection.  I was fortunate that I really didn't lose anything important like my photos but I did lose some programs.  It also wiped out my husband's wireless, my Kindle wireless, my phone wireless and McAfees fix did not work.  I was crippled without my computer - addresses, appointments and oh yeah...the wireless printer so I had to actually go to the post office and physically pay for postage. I got the new Dell back in time to post my pictures of  Susan's Heart To Heart Journal.
Pink was one of the colors she preferred for her Journal. I made a word cloud shaped like a heart using words from her blog.  "Read" was her top word so I placed it on a book cover.

From me it goes to LaVerne, then to Shelia  and finally back to Susan so that's another good thing coming to an end...our journals.

And then there is The Roost.  We're closing it at the Round Rock Mall and will only be at the Austin Antique Mall.  We'll still have the Vintage Roost online but it makes me sad that I haven't been able to work at keeping it up like I did originally.  So - for now we'll just have Oodles which has been outselling the Roost 3 to 1.  Another good thing coming to an end. Sigh....And tonight at my grandson's football game the seniors will be honored.  I'm still trying to figure out how he was just starting kinder... 

and all of a sudden he's a senior in high school. #52
I've loved every minute of the past seventeen years and the joy he's brought to our lives. Okie Dokie.  That's it for me for Beverly's Pink Saturday.  I've got to get ready for the big game tonight.  BTW...they won last week 43 to 7! Go Raiders.
Here's to Good Things...beginning or ending! xoxo Nancy