Friday, August 30, 2013

Adios Summer From Hell

I feel like celebrating…it’s almost September and if there is anything I love it’s September because even though it’s probably still going to be 103 degrees  there’s always a chance for cooler weather.  Not that I’ve mentioned it but I’ve been in a leg brace all summer after I tore my quadriceps tendon less than a week after I had a knee replacement. 
The good news is finally, after being unable to bend it for 2 months, I got to start therapy.

Here  I am getting physical therapy.  Okay sort of…it’s really more like…

this!  At least I got the brace off while they worked on my leg and even better was an okay after 4 weeks to shower without it.  I had a major case of leg dandruff and scaly skin.

After not going anywhere for six weeks other than the hospital and doctor and therapy…I finally got to go to bunco – not to play but at least for dinner and to see my bunco buds. Plus, it was my turn to cohost and bring dessert and prizes.  I was totally out of ideas for prizes so I bought those cushiony dish drying mats and a dishcloth and made a little poem I found online…author unknown.  I have no idea if they liked them because I was gone by then since it was too hard to be able to get out of a chair 18 times with the brace! I wrapped a couple of them in pink just so I’d have something to blog about for Pink Saturday!

2013-08-21 Brandon's birthday 005

Then my darling grandson left for college. Sniff sniff!  I had a few tears but then about an hour later the YaYa's arrived and brought all the goodies for tea.
Off to college 011

All I had to do was set the table….
teatime 003
and they brought an amazing array of tea goodies and
of course some sort of “rita” as in Marga which was delish!  Oh my gosh I love these girls.
They have all been so wonderful through my whole ordeal bringing some amazing meals. Here’s LaVerne celebrating her birthday with the YaYa paparazzi.  Actually next weekend there’s some sort of Aug/Sept birthday surprise for LaVerne and me but this was one day after LaVerne’s birthday so why pass up a chance to celebrate. Right?
So the next weekend it was my son’s birthday and we drove down to pick up the grandson for a birthday lunch with his dad. 

2013-08-24 Brandon's birthday 002
I was thrilled to see him since it had been a whole week!

2013-08-24 Brandon's birthday 003
Then after about 3 weeks of therapy at my checkup at the Drs I got the best news……..

2013-08-29 brace 004A
No more brace.  I did so well in therapy I was far ahead of what he expected.  I sort of felt like I had a jello leg and walked sort of wobbly but oh my gosh I was so thrilled. And today I started pool therapy and it felt sooo fabulous.  Too bad I can’t walk around in a water bubble ‘cause it just felt so easy! Still have a long way to go but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  Why have I never thought of water exercising? I love the place I’m going – the water is like 89 degrees – perfect for achiness plus it’s pretty and better yet they have two dogs running around the rehab part.  I love places that have pets!

AND!!!!!!!! tomorrow is the start of college football – the Buckeyes are playing at eleven and the Longhorns at two! To top it off, it’s been an entire week since we’ve seen the grandson and he came home today to go to his old high school’s first football game so he’ll be here until Monday.
That’s it for me.
xoxo & Adios
Longhorn Nan aka Buckeye Fan aka Bobcat Nan for good ole Texas State!
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Friday, August 2, 2013

F is for Fair

ABC Stacking Box Image_0017


Fair…that’s how I’m doing since my second knee surgery this summer.  I thought I was a total homebody/hermit but I’ve discovered….ummm….not so much.  I’ve done nothing since June 7th.  If I didn’t have doctor appointments I’d totally have no social life! So I’ve been feeling rather……

profile 011

(If I’m feeling blue I figure it might as well be turquoise since it’s my fave  shade of blue) filling my time with important things like taking pictures of myself.  (Actually I was uploading a picture to Eye Buy Direct to virtually try on glasses).  Since it’s time for Pink Saturday I thought I’d  see what I could come up with to join up with Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.  Here are some pages for an upcoming Itty Bitty Book I’m working on.

I had to add some pink, naturally.  The theme is “Mermaids” and there should be about 20 pages to it shaped like a shell. 

Unable to go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby I had to use all the bits of this and that I had laying around.  Aren’t those two little mermaids playing ball with a jewel just the cutest?  But a tiny page will only hold so much in the way of toomuchtimeonmyhands so I worked on pages for a second book for the IBB club….”Owls”.



Each little part of the “heart” owls is computer generated right down to the flirty little eyelashes.  Truly, you can never have too many dingbats in your collection. I used to feel that way about dishes but realized that storage space eventually reaches a limit!

And then there are days that I never get online. Seriously! And I missed two important birthdays last week.  So here’s a belated birthday wish to Dana at The Stone Rabbit and to Beverly our Pink hostess!  Both of you ladies have been an….



to me!  Now I must go and finish another book I’m writing….