Friday, February 21, 2014

Dish Washing Neatly Done

So….I’m working on destashing a lot of stuff in my craft/dining room but the girls are coming and we’re making some Easter crafts. That meant I had to make some room and do some cleaning and organizing. I found this giant bluebird that I had bought to use in The Roost and that was several years ago. Wish I had a dozen more and I could have just hidden all the shelves which is what I used it for – hiding stuff!


I just can’t seem to get the right light to get pictures in this room so these pictures are pretty bad but here’s a picture of the tables ready to work on our Easter craft. The table is all Eastery and meanwhile…



the living room is still decorated for Valentine’s day. Putting it all away next week.



I wasn’t going to do anything for Pink Saturday but it gave me a chance to just sit down for a while. I’ve done about all that is going to get done except I need to finish up in the kitchen. I’d hate for my little towel to be stretching the truth!



I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours is today. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Nancy


  1. Your craft room looks fab but the favourite for me is your sweet vintage tea towel......I love how they made everything practical..pretty. HPS Michelle

  2. Nice craft room with plenty of color. I like your little towel.

  3. Oh, wish I had a craft room! I'm always hiding stuff. Love the dishtowel! Happy Pink Saturday! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  4. Enjoyed visiting! Love the dish towel. And, I see you have some ME teapots in your cabinet. I have the blue/yellow one - but the handle broke off. I only found one part of the handle. I have tied the little teapots onto the pulls for the blinds. They're cute there, but do get damaged sometimes. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. well it looks inviting to me ! but you can just string some line across the top of the shelves and hang a flat sheet to great in a pinch. Your Valentines' display looks great and I loooove your tea towel too... happy P.S.

  6. Just think how much I would miss you if you didn't come for Pink Saturday! It would be too, too sad. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Nancy.♥ I want to come over to play.

  7. I'm a new visitor from Pink Saturday. Love your craft room, and that tea towel is adorable!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday sweet Nancy!!
    Darling post :)) love the tea towel
    Kay Ellen

  9. HPS!! I hope you and the YaYas had a blast creating your Eastery ornies!! I remember doing those as a kid....but I don't have any. Hope you took lots of pix!! Your craft/dining room looks awesome!! I have more room in this house than I did in my old one for my crafting, but SOMEHOW, the projects end up spread out everywhere!! I have piles of Eastery items going in a variety of rooms and sadly, none are done....and my sale is in less than 2 weeks!!

    I'm so glad you did the PS post!! I am just posting once a week anymore....and it's PS. Life has changed in the blogging world a lot over the last few years...well for me I guess. I just don't spend the amount of time on the computer blogging....but I'm so glad I once did cuz that's how I found swell friends like you! I am so lucky!!

    Just got back from a 3 mile run/walk with a running friend. I've injured my left kneww (in step class!!!) and can feel it "talking" to me now that I've returned from our outing. I have to say, even though it's achy, it felt so awesome to be outside running with my buddy again.

    Have a great Sunday evening!!

    L, Dana

  10. when my boys were little, I used be in a monthly craft group. What fun we had. I miss those days. Love your craft room.