Friday, November 9, 2012



troy priscilla party 001

So what are we doing this weekend?  Well, it’s bittersweet for me – my grandson’s last football game.  I could care less about watching pro football and I do love the Longhorns, but nothing has ever compared in football speak to watching Texas high school football when you have a kid on the team. 

raider rave 2012 final

They started out strong but had a lot of injuries this season – but they never gave up and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this team in the coming years.


last game

These kids are the future and you know what? After the election the most promising and comforting words came from my grandson. He gave me hope for the future.

As for me – I’m going to sit back and reflect..  I found this little passage from J. Frank Dobie. 

“Here I am living on a soil that my people have been living and working and dying on for more than a hundred years—the soil, as it happens, of Texas. My roots go down into this soil as deep as mesquite roots go. This soil has nourished me as the banks of the lovely Guadalupe River nourish cypress trees, as the Brazos bottoms nourish the wild peach, as the gentle slopes of East Texas nourish the sweet-smelling pines, as the barren, rocky ridges along the Pecos nourish the daggered lechuguilla. I am at home here, and I want not only to know about my home land, I want to live intelligently on it. I want certain data that will enable me to accommodate myself to it. Knowledge helps sympathy to achieve harmony.”

Hoping for harmony….xoxo Nancy

I’m joining Beverly’s Pink Saturday today.


  1. Enjoy your game! Sweet memories in the making!
    Wow ~~~~ I hope to finish up your journal this weekend...I have been dragging my feet I think because this is it! Yours is my last one to add touches too...

    Have a blessed weekend & Happy PS!

    Kay Ellen

  2. Well isn't that the truth. When asked what my favorite sport is, I reply the same. Texas High School Football. (Next is Rangers Baseball). I went to a few high school football games in Florida and I laughed. What a joke. You call this a football game, I said? Yep. Some of the best memories of my life were made at Tx high school football games. And the quote is beautiful and true. (I grew up in Ingram, TX, but live in Tampa, FL now). I can't wait to come home!!

  3. The best of teams can lose. When they do their best, that is good enough for me. However, it is a little different when you have a child on a team.

  4. ahhh Nancy, bringing back memories. My daddy and his siblings were all born in Texas.
    LOVE the wagon and the pumpkins and thankyou for the sweet wishes. (())

  5. I know how you loved being a part of his HS football, Nancy. I'm so glad you guys had the chance to be there for him because I'm certain is appreciated your presence as much as he enjoyed his participation. Now. . .you'll have some "withdrawal" pains. ;) I HATED it when our daughter was finished with her HS sporting career. . .she played BB and VB and even went out for soccer and track and cross country (but those last three weren't her thing). . .she was outstanding at the first two (she's tall. . she she was really made for those sports). Anyway, both she and our son played sports from kindergarten through HS. . .so we had a long number of years of having hours and hours of each week tied up with that lifestyle. We met some awesome people during that time, too. It was so hard for my hubby when it all ended. . . and me for a while. . .then I learned to LOVE my "me" time again!! :)

    I'd love to know the "wise words" Brandon shared with you. . . because I'm still struggling with the election results. . . as are sooooo many other people I've spoke to. We do need to learn to live more harmoniously. . .but after I just heard the news tonight, I can tell that our leaders are going back to their same old tricks. I seriously believe the politicians have done more harm to our country than good. .. (especially about creating such debt and divisiveness) . . .then we toss in the horrid press and how they all slant and spin. Until that's all fixed. . . well. . .I am just very saddened by what lies ahead. So. . .share his words!

    Hope you have a great weekend. Bonnie and I attended a great holiday open house and hit a huge antique mall. . .so we were distracted for a few hours! :)

    L, Dana

  6. Hi Nancy, What a lovely post! Football in Texas looks like so much fun. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  7. Happy Pink Saturday Nancy, Football games and autumn are perfect. I love that painted wagon of pumpkins. Here's to peace and harmony. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  8. Hi Nancy, the pumpkin wagon is awesome but I know where your thoughts are. I wish Brandon the best as he finishes his football year. We love going to our grandson's games as well. However, Both of our grandson's are in their HS band. They have had superior ratings in every competition this year. We are proud of them. Their last game is done. As I write this we are watching a Gator game on TV. They are not winning. Sigh! There is still time.

    I have my journal back and I am thrilled with all of the pages. Your pages are so much fun. You have me laughing with every fun detail. Wow, cutting out the photos was hard work. You and your friends are so darling. The fun you have together is such a hoot. Thank you for your part in making my journal such a treasure. I love the tag as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love, Jeanne

  9. I LOVE that cart!! And I so love the Longhorns too. We lived in Austin nearly 22 years and believe me did we ever see burnt orange and loved football gameday there. Oh the tailgate parties were incredible. Came on over from Pink Saturday and its so good to come by and visit. Although we know longer live in Texas we claim the state as home. Hook 'em horns!!


  10. Hi

    Still visiting from last weeks PS:) Love that cart and High School Football. Both of our sons played - it was so fun to go and watch them have a ball!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Happy Pink Saturday, I'm visiting from last weeks post, beautiful photos and lovely family, and your Grandson is truly a gem, what a blessing we have with our Grandchildren.
    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Marilou xoxo

  12. They are wise people who draw strength from the land - their home. Those who have gone before us leave their strength and learned lessons for us, and we can benefit if we open our hearts and listen.

    I know about grandsons. Mine is a great treasure to me, and I know your Brandon is, too.

    Happy (belated) Pink Saturday, my friend. Thank you for your friendship and for making Pink Saturday special.♥