Friday, February 14, 2014

From The Heart

After Phase One of my giant decluttering this week I found my lost jewels. I bought them at Restoration Hardware years ago and lost track of them until this week! It was like Christmas… or Valentine’s!
I got all my Valentines out and this is just part of them. Aren’t they fabulous?

My day started with a lovely breakfast with heart shaped bisquits made by…..

My husband who thinks he looks like “The Most Interesting Man In The World” but I say he looks like Hershel from The Walking Dead! I like his new goatee either way!
So just a quick post today on this special Valentine Pink Saturday to wish you all the happiest of days!


xoxo Nancy
I’m joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.


  1. First I looooove your jewels ! and honestly your Sweetie is MUCH better looking than the most interesting man etc. AND he cooks for you , sigh. That makes him not only handsome and interesting but a KEEPER !!!!
    Happy Valentines Day to you !

  2. Cool! Always nice to find lost things. Love the jeweles, and LOVE Restoration Hardware! My husband makes toast and tea...does that count??! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy PS!

  3. How absolutely charming---the jewels, the valentines, AND the GUY. Mine's handsome, too, in a sorta Santa Claus way.

    And finding lost goodies is such a lagniappe, for we remember fondly what we cannot find again, attributing all sorts of charm and beauty to it, and when it appears---we can only be delighted when it's as nice as as we'd thought.

    And pray, how DO you manage to divest? I've just walked and looked and opened boxes and drawers and bags and closets, and just have so much STUFF, I can't even find the several library books---I just keep renewing.

    Hope you have a wonderful WARMING weekend!


  4. Happy Valentines Day & Pink Saturday sweet Nancy! What a great post! I think your husband looks like both !! Warm hugs from California...
    Kay Ellen

  5. Hi Nancy, your valentine collection is wonderful! Happy Valentines Day and Pink Saturday too! Marti

  6. ; now that's terribly romantic....heart shaped biscuits! I love it! Our Valentine's to each other comes from the kitchen too. :) And love his beautiful white hair. Happy belated Pink Saturday and Valentine

  7. Beautiful jewels! Looks like you had a wonderful Valentines :)