Friday, March 7, 2014

Two Score and Eight Years Ago

Remember my Daily Logbook I talked about keeping this year on Jan 1st? I haven’t written in it since mid January. After two weeks of writing down daily activities I realized I didn’t want to leave anything behind chronicling just how mundane my day to day life is! I’ve moved on to bigger more lofty goals…organizing, dating and scanning pictures of the last 48 years of married life.  If you are newlyweds of 10 or 20 years or have a new baby (or puppy) for God’s sake date those prints. Keep them in one place and beware of making 5 prints of the same picture because it’s really hard to pitch them even though you have three more just like them. I really love digital pictures – 20K images on your computer take up a lot less room than 20 boxes of prints! Here’s one I loved but hated to keep because of some ex in laws.
trevinos & reebs
This gives you a really bad example of “photoshopping”. My husband and two sons are the three on the left – me on the right (in pink!) and 2/3’s of the Trevino family sandwiched in between. I had to move one son over and remove the body of the other
which caused a wardrobe malfunction for Taryn! Anyway I saved what I wanted and it can go in my timeline of happy memories!
I’m doing a box of pictures for each son and grandson and I’m going to bind them together by decade or occasion and give them to them. I keep finding pictures of friends along the way and the really old ones I’m scanning and sending them in an album on FB or emailing.
lynn & me4 middle age sock hop
I had forgotten about these from pre marriage 1964 pics  and still living in the past in 1990! One is Mad Men in real life and the other a middle age sock hop! That’s me on the left and in the middle. I can also keep a chart of my weight gain and loss over the years.

This is a good example of the weight chart or maybe the stock market or possibly seismic activity! Up down, up down, down down, up up up!
and my Rosanne Roseanna Danna hairdos!
Reunions were “weight down” years!
Lessons I’m learning about myself? One – I have never lost my love of big hair and two…when I’m with my girlfriends I’m just about always laughing. Those will have to wait.
I’m chronicling some of these here and trying to find a little something pink to share for Pink Saturday.
Have a great week, or decade…or score!
xoxo Nancy


  1. I starting scanning all my old photos too and trying to date them.... a huge task and I must say after a day I gave up. Maybe I will try again another day.. HPS Michelle

  2. Photos are so much fun to keep, look at, cherish. Thanks for sharing yours! And not only is your little page crafty, you are funny too! :)

  3. OMG, Nancy. You must be a closet comedian. You are the funniest person I KNOW. How you can take the mundane task of scanning old photos into a standup routine is beyond me!!! Love your Roseann Roseanna Danna reference and your "down years" in weight when referring to reunions and OMG..I nearly peed my pants over the weight chart!!! Of course, I identified with all of your remarks (especially the ones about DATING photos and how 20K pix on the computer take up less space than if they were in boxes...or old suitcases, as I have ours!!!). I need to do exactly what you are doing, but I just drag my heels about getting daunting!!! However, you are my picture scanning hero, so keep us posted and maybe ONE DAY (before it's too late) I'll get started myself!

    HPS!!! L, Dana

  4. HPS, Nancy! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! Photos are so important and fun to find and look at. I have a box in Sweden, at my mum's place, with all my childhood photos - from early 70s and onwards. Dad (the photographer) was going to put an album together when he retired, but unfortunately he never got the chance... :( It's probably up to me to sit down and organise one day... Should be fun :)
    Autumn greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  5. Pictures are such precious treasures and memories. A great way you are preserving yours.

  6. Your funny commentary just cracks me up! Thanks for sharing your family pics with us!


  7. You are so cute...what a entertaining post today. Great idea to get those photos organized & dated.
    Happy pink Saturday! Tami

  8. Great post! Enjoyed reading and viewing.

    I noticed the pile of papers on your header photo - the one with accordion papers on it. Awesome. Did you "do all that"?

    Anyway, I wish I hadn't gotten rid of batches of photos. Even when they are difficult to see. And I do love digital photos. I love Shutterfly for photo books and more too!

    Happy Pink Saturday!