Friday, April 4, 2014

Yellow Tulips For Pink Saturday

These are almost a week old. LaVerne  brought them last weekend and they are just starting to open and droop. They’re perfect in front of the forsythia Jeff painted back in the ‘70s. I actually had a post for Pink Saturday but with the new design the Linksky says I have no pictures. Maybe posting from Windows Live Writer will work.


It didn’t – I just uploaded a picture to the link from my computer. (The bunnies made it downstairs and onto the swirly tree this year)


This is another of the Easter ornaments/baskets we made last month with LaVerne. They are so pretty and much easier to make with craft tools from the 21st century as opposed to the instructions from 1950! They’re still a lot of work but much fun to make with the Ya-Yas.


Looks like we made them after Valentine’s Day and they only shared the swirly tree for picture taking purposes!




Wouldn’t they be darling for just about any holiday? Coppery tones for fall with little pumpkins. Egg Carton ornaments…design by LaVerne and the Ya-Yas!

I have another post below this one that just went to waste Smile.  Go visit Beverly for oodles of Eastery inspiration. xo Nancy


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  2. Oh how odd - here's my comment - Oh what a lovely visit for Pink Saturday. Albeit a bit disconcerting to hear about the changes at Blogger. I don't use it often but enough that I prefer it to stay the same. Ah well, joys of the internet. And in the meantime, I really enjoyed both this article and your other one you mentioned. :) Have a great weekend.

    BUT when I first posted, it showed twice. So I deleted the second and they both disappeared. Definitely new challenges with Blogger. :) So if this shows up twice - taint me :)

  3. Hello and Happy Pink Saturday!!! I LOVE your new blog "look"!! I'm having posting issues this weekend, too. First my internet wouldn't work, then I was gone, then it started working, but now I can't link up on Beverly's blog...the linky connection doesn't do it's thang!!!

    I LOVE the ornies you girls made...I saw LaVerne's PS post last night (I think) and was really impressed with the great ones she shared. I'd love to try that....would certainly be a fun craft project. However, I probably won't have time this year, as I'm having a "running buddies brunch" HERE (omg, what was I thinking?) next Sat. and I will be spending every available moment cleaning like a made woman this week!! :)

    Hope all is well with you and yours and HPS!! I've gotta start cleaning NOW!!

    L, Dana

  4. Cute ornaments! Amazing what you all made from egg cartons - just adorable!

  5. The ornaments are adorable, wish I could see more of them close up! I'm sorry to hear of your blogger issues, particularly because I'm contemplating getting a new template for mine. I worry that I'll lose all my sidebar widgets. But your background is really cute and Spring-y! Good luck! Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥