Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And Then Came Lilly!

(Yikes - I didn't mean for my story yesterday to be a downer! Just a tribute, but to make any sense of this post you'll have to read that one first!)

"Why would anyone in their right mind sell a 3 yr old sheltie if there wasn't something drastically wrong with it?" That was my response to Jeff when I said "okay look for a puppy". See the circled sheltie puppies? See what's right below it? After some urging just to let him call and ask about the "used" dog I agreed and the next thing I know we're on our way to see this older dog. What if she has an ugly name? what if she's ugly????why on earth would I want a grown dog who most likely had some horrible habits or the owners would be selling her. So we knocked at the door and the lady said let me get her - she's outside. (OUTSIDE? an outside dog I mouthed to Jeff as I rolled my eyes) And look who rounded the corner and came running up and put her head in my lap???......... Lilly. Why, she was even a chub-ette just like Molly! I could not believe my eyes. Needless to say after a bit of negotiating on my part ( I asked if the lady would take $50 and my husband the negotiator jumped in and said "HaHa she's just kidding - here's $75 we'll take her" and mouthed to me "are you crazy") Lilly came home with us.It was like she was born to be our dog. We just had to go find her. She loved my little grandson right off the bat. She is sooooo beautiful and sweet and we all love her to pieces.
We didn't raise her from a baby so she doesn't know all the games and tricks that Molly did. But she did get in the garbage once and we shamed her and gave her a stern look and she never did it again.
And my little grandson got his Christmas wish. And so did I! I don't think I'll ever be dogless again! So that's my dog story. Now I want to hear your stories tomorrow. Okay. Centsible Mommy will have party favors over on her blog - a whole post on pet freebies and coupons. Leave a message so I can link to your blog and we can all come visit you! Ruff-ruff, Lilly and Nancy


  1. Oh, I so glad to hear th happy ending. Lily is a beauty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. What a beautiful story!! You shared it so well and the circled newspaper ad----what a touch! Thank you for telling us about how Lilly found you. I am looking forward to the Pet Show tomorrow---my little babes just had their photos taken tonight, so they are excited to see the other critters as well!

  3. Nancy, I posted a baby picture of LadyBird and may add more tomorrow...I love that you still have the ad...wish we had thought of that, Lord knows we save every other scrap of paper that passes through our hands!

  4. I love the photo of a boy and his dog in the field of bluebonnets!

  5. Hi, I popped over from the Shades of Inspiration group. I loved both your sheltie stories. My best friend has had two rescue shelties and they were both wonderful dogs.

    I went to find a puppy once and ended up with a five month old boxer/lab mix from the pound. I was looking for a small dog, and definitely a young puppy, so we could bond with her. But when I saw her, I knew she was the dog. We found out the original owners had tried to have her, a baby, and a toddler in a two bedroom apartment and got rid of her because she chewed the baby's toys. Well, sheesh, she's a puppy! We named her Maybelline, Maybel for short, because she had the most beautiful eyes ringed with "eyeliner" and big black eyelashes. She was the most devoted and wonderful girl and she died a few years ago, an old pup, from congestive heart failure.

    We also have a big ol' fluffy mutt and now I have a three year old chihuahua that is completely spoiled and I can't imagine life without her. I have pic both of them, plus our large herd of cats, in my flickr set labeled "pets".