Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scrappy Jessi's Toy Party!

I totally forgot ScrappiJessi's big toy party I signed up for. So here's my sad story. I should never have signed up for this because I think I was toy deprived as a child. Look......here's my story - I was apparently happy the first few years and then at five I had to learn to.........Share!!!!!!It was awful. My sister had cool cowboy boots and look at me - I'm barefooted! She had a puppy and there I am again - emptyhanded. Then to really top it off - she got a horse! I should never have signed up for this toy party I'm really getting depressed. So I just had my dolly and my big wheel tricycle and my favorite book.....
I've kept it all these years and it's my bible that I live by!

I'm sure if my sis was still here she might just tell a different story and she might be right but nahhh....I like mine better.

Click on the picture to see my sad story up close!

Click on the title to go visit ScrappyJessi's fabulous toy party then visit her friends to see their cool toys.


  1. Ok. i dont like your sissy much. haha
    i want to buy you a toy!!!!
    the oics of you are adorable!!
    and i hope you are making up for all those day w/o toys!!!
    thanks for sharing, and coming to my party.

  2. Come to my party and see my toys, maybe it will cheer you up a little, lol! I love the book..I NEED that :-)

    Have a fabulous day!

  3. Oh poor girl! I like your story and your pictures.I had to share alot with my little brother so I can imagine that. The book is wonderful.

  4. What a hoot! Loved, loved your post... And that is the BEST golden book EVER!

  5. PS I found a copy on eBay!

  6. awww, those dang sisters, i feel your pain. it is silly now, but i remember being jealous that my sister got a doll i wanted and got to meet jodi sweeten. i was devastated on both occasions! thanks for sharing.


    happy may day!

  7. what a fun story, I liked the part that your sisters version might be a little different. The book says it all.


  8. Awww, you poor little thing! That's just like a sibling, isn't it! ;)

  9. Love the "Let's GO Shopping!" What a fun collections of goodies to share! :)mendy

  10. I'm sorry! I bet the few things you do have mean a lot to you though!

  11. OH, Nancy! I'm sorry! ;) But that's a fantastic book!
    Extra hugs,
    Shannon ;D