Friday, September 20, 2013

Pink and Orange

About halfway between August 17 and September 18th LaVerne and I were treated to a birthday dinner and surprise by Barbara and Judy at the ranch.  They had a really adorable Halloween themed table set. AND we had gluten free pizza and Caesar salad which was totally delicious.

2013-09-07 001

Our “surprise” came after dinner when an artist from Gruene arrived to give us a painting class.  She guided us step by step through the process of painting a pumpkin.  After I got my background painted in I decided it was just too skinny.

2013-09-07 015

Of course I wore pink since that’s one of my favorite colors…next to turquoise. Barbara is in the background – she is perpetually doing stuff for other people – like the mother in “A Christmas Story” who never gets to sit down to eat.

2013-09-07 016

Ouch – LaVerne looks like that easel is in her nose!

2013-09-07 022

LaVerne and Judy – they could be sisters they look so much alike! Not sure what happened to Judy’s nose – obviously LaVerne’s was caused by that easel up her nose!

2013-09-07 018

Anyway – here LaVerne is showing off her masterpiece. Were we posing?

2013-09-07 026

NOOO – totally unposing for these pics. I liked the pumpkin but I really hate the leaf and have thought of a dozen and one ways to cover it up!

2013-09-07 027

We had a meeting the next morning to plan for our upcoming Vintage Market Faire. And guess what? You are all invited.

vintage Market Faire (791x1024)

It will be held right here at Rio Star Ranch.

barn sale2

I’m joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.


  1. Blessings on this ordinary day...looking forward to the freshness..the crisp cool air as it stirs the falling leaves and my heart for cozy peaceful days ahead!

  2. Oh, what fun to have a painting party! Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. My sister is an artist and I think she should have a party like this!!!!!Right now she is traveling to Rome but later this year maybe I can get her to do one of these for her sisters and friends. Looks like fun and the pumpkin pic is adorable.\