Thursday, October 11, 2012

“By Hand”

I have pumpkins and fall decorations but since I have pictures of my pages for my Circle Journal friend, Shelia, and no pictures of fall… I’ll show you those first.

Her theme is anything made by hand. Sewing is the first thing that came to mind.  When I was little my mother made all our clothes.  We would take a trip up to New Braunfels in the summer to shop at Comal Cotton Factory for fabric for new school clothes.  I absolutely loved picking out fabrics – matching different patterns and choosing the trims and buttons. 

by hand journal 008

My mother could cut a pattern from a newspaper. I could show her a picture and she could cut her own pattern and sew it! I never realized until I started to sew that that was quite a talent!  My sister and I always had new Easter outfits from head to toe and my mother would sew similar dresses for us.  When I saw these two little dress pattern girls they reminded me of my sister and me.

by hand journal 006

I’ve used about anything that wasn’t tacked down on these pages…ric rac, velvet ribbon, mother of pearl buckle, scrabble letters, crepe paper, dress patterns…and I finally started liking the layout.  The eyelash yarn reminded me of all the loose threads that was my job to pick up!

by hand journal 005
When I learned to sew I needed a pattern.  You can never get those patterns refolded to fit back in the package…even teeny tiny ones!

by hand journal 003
Those little patterns are my favorite things on these pages.  Shelia asked us to use the hand she sent somewhere on our page so I used it to hang a little thread spool title.  I haven’t sewn anything in years but when my son was little I made matching clothes for us! Haha.  A jumper for me and shorts for him.  I know…awful right but luckily for him I quit sewing clothes when he was older.  (Ann Landers called…she want’s her hair back!) Isn’t my little boy darling – he was sewww sweet!

I made drapes for my house…lined and pleated and took an upholstery class and upholstered a couch and chair. Upholstery – that about did me in.   I look back at my 25 year old self in amazement because I surely couldn’t do it now. 

Anyway here are my pages for Shelia.  Her journal is just amazing – all the pages before mine are creative and adorable and I’m completely jealous of her book!

by hand journal 001 

I’m sharing this for Pink Saturday because I always have a little Pink somewhere on my pages. If I get some pictures of my fall decorations I’ll add them.  So what am I doing this weekend? Friday Night Lights to see my grandson play and the Red River Shootout between the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday and an auction Saturday night. 

Have a great weekend!

xoxo Longhorn Nan!

Here’s a peek at my fall deco – I’ll post it next week. Smile

fall decorations 007


  1. The journal pages are wonderful, Nancy! You really did a nice job...I would want to keep them! ;-D

    It's so nice that your mother sewed. My mother was accomplished at many things but only sewed by hand...mending. And of course I can't sew, I bought a machine to learn and gave up at the threading part, seriously! I love the picture of you with your son, very cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Nancy, Nancy, NANCY!!!! I am in LOVE with these pages!! OMG. . .you are somethin' else, girl!!! I can NEVER think of "thangs" to put on my journal pages. . . what ever I pull together never seem to "click" like yours do. . .and, honey, they clicked like CRAZY on Sheila's journal!!! I adore that the eyelash trim reminded you of your job to pick up the strings!! (I had that job, too, and had forgotten about it!!). I love how you incorporated The Hand into the format and used thread spools to spell out By Hand. . .and how you used the labels of thread spools all over the place on your two pages! Of course, I'm nuts about the little girls. . .cuz that reminded me, too, of how my mom always made us matching Easter outfits. She also made all of my clothes . . .and even a coat or two. Honestly, I think your work in this journals gets better and better with each one!

    Oh, and I LOVE that picture of you and your boy . . .with you guys sporting your sewing handiwork! You two look so adorable. . .you did a great job!! I had to laugh about the upholstery part. I recovered a sleeper sofa when I was about 25. My friend and I bought the PLAID fabric and some beer, then she cheered me on as I removed the old fabric and used it as a pattern, then proceeded to cover the sofa! I even made piping trim. . .the first time ever!!! Even with the addition of a few bottle of beer, my plaids matched and we used that sofa for several years! :) It had been given to us by my MIL. . . .it was ancient. It even had wooded leaves on each arm rest that folded down. . .or UP when you needed an end table!! Truly a functional piece! :) I also remember that I didn't put fabric on the back of it (ran out of money cuz I blew the budget on beer) and our black cat then (Cat Stevens) would get in the back of the sofa. . .and if folks were sitting on it when he did, he could "poke" them with a clawed paw through the area where the back cushion met the seat cushion. That made for some interesting conversations!! :)

    It's a cool, cloudy day. . .perfect for going back to bed!! HA But I won't. . .so much to do!! Have fun tonight and tomorrow. .. we're gonna "tag" our Christmas trees with our son and his family tomorrow. . . maybe in the rain! :(

    HPS!! L, Dana

  3. You are SEW talented! Love that hair - Ann Landers only wished her hair looked that FAB!

  4. I love your blog! Great Post. Happy pink satureday!

  5. I never knew what a store bought dress was far a log time. My mother made all our cloths.

  6. Nan, I have really enjoyed watching the unveiling of these circle journal pages, and yours today are just fabulous! I love all of the little details. And that photo of you and your son is priceless! Happy Pink Saturday! Marti

  7. Your journal is fabulous -- love looking at all the vintage sewing goodies! My mother sewed my clothes too, in fact I remember my first "store bought" outfit when I was in Jr. High!!! I think she quit about that time! I bet your son loved his shorts "just like mommy's" at least when he was little!
    Your fall display is cute -- love that witch sitting at the top!
    My hubby will be watching the TX-OU game today (he roots for OU even though we're in TX! LOL!) I'll be at Hobby Lobby.....

  8. your journal is one of the cutest I have seen Great!!

  9. Those are gorgeous!

    Pumpkin Fun
    Have an enjoyable pink weekend!

  10. Hi Nancy, I can't believe all the detail on Shelia's pages you have done. They are wonderful. It is obvious you are a person who can sew. Shelia will adore these pages.

    Your reference to your mom's ability to sew describes my mom as well. She made her own patterns and made doll patterns for my doll so I could make doll clothes. I used to sew for me and my children too. Matching dresses etc. Your photo is so darling I can't stop smiling. Beautiful mom and handsome little boy. Thank you for sharing your precious photo and Shelia's beautiful pages.

    hugs and Happy PS,